Friday, April 8, 2016


Having super sparkling white teeth was never really a struggle for me since I have fairly good genes (my mums teeth are so white and perfect that they look fake). This all changed when copious amounts of coffee became part of my everyday routine. 

So how can I enjoy my daily cup (or cups) of coffee while still having a white and bright smile? A whitening solution that only takes only one session to see major results - PureSmile. I attended my treatment on Thursday night and wanted to document my thoughts to you all my opinion. 

I walked in and was warmly greeted by the amazing Veronika who was to guide me through the entire process of the PureSmile signature treatment. I was seated in one of the amazingly comfortable egg chairs which I sunk into without reluctance after a long day at work.

The first step was a consultation where we discussed my teeth at the present moment. I was actually only a few shades off the whitest possible so that gave me a huge self-esteem boost and made me decide to be nicer to myself (as I’m always disregarding my teeth). Veronika told me we could definitely go up a couple of shades to get those super sparkling white teeth I was after. With that the procedure commenced and I was handed a cup and a stick with a sponge on the end. I was instructed to use the little blue sponge on the end to brush my teeth for 60 seconds.

Next Veronika guided me through the process of applying a plastic contraption that widened my mouth. This is to make the whitening process a lot easier because the next step was to apply the gel directly to my teeth with a few mm of thickness. After application a LED light is used to activate the gel which is the key to the whitening process. This method was repeated for a total of three times in intervals of 20 minutes each time. 

To finish off you are handed a mouth guard with a white pearlescent mixture and once applied you sit with the LED light again for 20 minutes. Afterwards you give your teeth a quick brush with another blue sponge stick and the procedure is complete.

You are not allowed to eat for 2 hours following the procedure but since it was already 9:30pm food wasn’t on my radar. You are also recommended a ‘white diet’ which consists of all the drinks and food that won’t affect your teeth whitening for the 24 hours following the procedure as well as things to avoid. I must admit that I failed with the ‘white diet’ when I had a coffee the following afternoon but don’t feel that it affected my treatment. 

I walked away with some thoughtful gifts to help keep my teeth in tip top shape. One being an enamel booster to keep my teeth strong and healthy. The second was a whitening pen for touch ups. I also got my hands on one of those cheek widening plastic contraptions to make the treatments more effective at home.

My experience at PureSmile was fantastic and I would 100% recommend it. The treatment retails for $199 but there are options from $127 and you can receive 20% off if you order in advance online. 

Thanks for reading!