Wednesday, April 20, 2016



What girl doesn't love stationary and candles? Ameliannette brings together cute and practical organisational pieces and home goods to create a go-to hub for adorable lifestyle goodies. 

I am totally guilty of being a planning addict and collecting cute notebooks and diaries like they're going out of style. So when I came across Ameliannette and her gorgeous range of notebooks I immediately fell in love with the brand.

Ameliannette is a full family operation - run by Amelia and her mother Annette. The name was created through merging the mother daughter team's first names. Amelia also was her grandmother's name!

This pack I have to show you today is the new box set that Ameliannette has released which gives the opportunity to try a variety of their products. 

In this post I am going to be talking you through all that is included in this box and as we go along guess how much the entire pack might be. Wait until the end when I state the price because I think you will be surprised.

1. You receive a tealight multi sample box which includes 6 different scented soy tealights. The scents in the pack are floral, musk, vanilla, mango, coffee and caramel. YUM!

2. Also inside the box is a gorgeous soy wood wick candle in the scent of coffee. This has to be one of the most luxurious candles that I have ever owned and my first wood wick one (made from non-chemically treated wood of course)! The smell of this reminds me of drinking an espresso on a cool Winter's morning and the wood makes a light crackling sound. The candles are hand poured in Australia using 100% soy wax for the highest quality possible.

3. A heart blackboard clip to write sweet notes on or reminders. This is an adorable home lifestyle piece that is both practical and decorative.

4. 2 personalized note cards with a J letterhead. These will make for the most adorable thank you cards and it's the simple things like personalizing them that make all the difference.

5. 20% off discount card because you know you will be back for more. For real - these items are so gorgeous that you will want to collect them all - like Pokemon.

6. A journal/notebook in the shade 'ocean' which is a gorgeous minty blue colour. It is personalized and has my initials on the inside cover - such a gorgeous touch. It makes it feel like it is really my secret personal diary and just for me. All journals have a removable cover made from synthetic leather with a stitching detail.
7. A pen is included to accompany the diary. I love the clean slim lines of the white pen and it's a bonus that it writes really well while also looking great paired with the diary. 
So now that you know all of the gorgeous items inside the box it is time to reveal the price for the entire pack. It is just $55 for this special set from Ameliannette! You can purchase it here.

What an incredible deal! Not only for how many items you get but also because of the personalised items that are so gorgeous and valuable. The note cards and journal that are included in the gift box have the option of adding initials to personalize.

With the gift box there will be an option to choose the Journal in 5 different shades! They are all gorgeous and I adore my minty blue one. The company owner designs, cuts and applies all of the artwork to the journals. 

I would highly recommend checking out Amelisannette right here to learn more about this amazing brand and pick up some items for yourself!

Thanks for reading!