Thursday, April 21, 2016


Celebrities often get amazing treatment and makeup is no exception. Unfortunately I can't afford Beyonce's makeup artist but there are still some tips we can learn from him and apply to our makeup application. 

I have complied some tips that we can learn from Beyonce's makeup artist, Sir John. There are some interesting, wacky and amazing tips that I think are worth sharing. 

Start with the skin
When I hear Sir John going on about this I was like YESS someone who values skincare as much as me. You can't expect makeup to look great when it's going over a sub par base. Treat your skin to some TLC and go get a facial or have an at-home treatment. Another huge benefit of taking care of your skin is that you will need less makeup if your skincare does a lot of the work for you.

Purple lips are in
Beyonce often wears the most gorgeous orchid hues on her lips and this unique shade sure makes a statement. It has encouraged me to be bold with my lipstick choices and go all out with something eye catching. I would recommend some of the gorgeous purple shades from the Maybelline Rebel Bloom Collection such as Lilac Flush and Orchid Ecstacy. You can watch my lip swatches video here

Mix your eyeshadows with some gloss
This sounded awful to me at first but after trying it I believe Beyonce's makeup artist is a genius! Not only does this make your eyeshadows stick a little bit better and last a lot longer but it leaves the most beautiful shine. It's practical and looks amazing, you can't beat that.

Those are three tips I love and definitely took on board. He does a damn good job on Beyonce's makeup so I trust the man's opinion.

Thanks for reading!