Monday, May 30, 2016


You know those lip colours that you know you look amazing in and would suit any occasion? Those are the ones you keep in your purse for a pick-me-up on days where you don't know what else to put on your lips and want something you know looks incredible. 

Here I have two lipsticks that are exactly those products for me. They are a go-to for times when I can't figure out what lip colour to pair with my makeup look because they just suit everything. I'm going to talk you through these amazing lippies so that you can maybe try them if you are on the hunt for an everyday lip product.

I particularly think that if you have a similar colouring to me you will find that these products work really well for you.

Maybelline Creamy Matte 'Lust For Blush' 
This mauve pink has a creamy matte formulation which means that it has a matte finish but glides on with a rich and smooth consistency. It has a dusty rose colouring mixed with a nude pink. I think that the reason it works SO WELL as a lip colour under any circumstance is because it isn't one particular colour. It's sort of pink, rose, nude, mauve etc. It's a bit of everything and compliments a lot of makeup looks making it the perfect product to just throw in your purse.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine '54 Boy' Obsessed is an understatement for this one. I am nearly finished up my second tube of this stuff because it is that damn good! It has a semi-pigmented formulation which means that it is FOOL PROOF. You can apply this while driving (I don't recommend it for the record), while walking to a meeting, in the elevator etc. You really can't mess this one up because it is so easy to wear that any mess ups won't even be noticed. I hope that makes sense. It provides a gorgeous mauve nude tint to the lips and a beautiful shine. 

So those are my two favourite lip products when it comes to 'everyday' shades that are perfect for any occasion. I would 100% recommend trying out either or both of these but definitely start with the Maybelline one because it is so affordable!

Thanks for reading!