Friday, May 27, 2016


So I recently released a feature all about my tips for a clean and tidy purse so I thought that – naturally – I should show you inside my new purse and all the items in there. 

Of course I carry around my planner to keep my organised at all times. This gorgeous Tiffany Blue diary is actually personalised; you can see inside it in this feature here. I often use my phone list to organise a lot but when it comes to blog posts I find this diary keeps me organised best. Speaking of phones, I carry around my iPhone 6 Plus (my personal phone) and my iPhone 6 (my work phone) - I wouldn’t be able to live without these.

The Makeup 
I like to keep my makeup items to a minimum, as discussed in my ‘tips for a clean and tidy purse’ feature, so I only have 3 makeup items in here! I always carry around my NARS Powder Foundation for touch ups because it provides a flawless coverage and matte finish. I also have my go-to everyday lip colour, the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in ’54 Boy’. The third product is always the colour that I am wearing on my lips at the time which happens to be a Maybelline Color Blur in a stunning dusty pink shade.

Wallet and Business Cards 
I carry around my wallet which has all the important stuff in it like money, my license, medical cards etc. I also have some loyalty cards in there that I can’t live without (I’m looking at you BOOST and Sushi Train cards). I also like to keep a case of my business cards in my Louis Vuitton pouch (not pictured) because you never know when you might strike up a conversation with someone and want to give them your details.

Lastly I have a gorgeous Estee Lauder compact that I keep in my purse to use as a mirror. This gorgeous little piece was a gift from my mother so I love carrying it around with me.

That’s all for what is in my purse! I have been keeping it clean and simple lately so there wasn’t much to show and I like it that way! I’m sure I will have loose change and half eaten museli bars in there in no time. Why can’t I keep to a minimalist lifestyle?!

Thanks for reading!