Friday, May 20, 2016


I go through phases of being slightly obsessed with sports bras. I blame it on the fact that I am always taking Pilates and yoga classes because I see so many cute bras in those classes. 

That made me sound like a creep. Like I'm just staring at girls bras. I just can't help but admire an adorable sports bra with an intricate back! I have been browsing a few of my go-to workout places for cute ones on the market and have complied a wishlist of three that I am crushing on.

Lorna Jane Anna Sports Bra ($66.99)
How badass is this fluorescent peachy pink sports bra / top. I adore the colour and the mesh detailing at the straps. I am also loving the fact that it is a soft cup with a comfortable thick bank at the base because it means it will be super comfy to wear. I also love the little peek-a-boo cleavage feature which is a bit flirty.

Cotton On Workout Contour Bra ($29.95)
Let's start of with the obvious - the pastel hues are to DIE FOR. The light peach with that lilac purple is a match made in heaven. I love the geometric pattern which makes is sporty and unique but also very flattering. The shape is fab because it works well underneath any sports top because it is so low cut and subtle. This one is super affordable and very versatile so you will get your wear out of this item for a bargain price.

Lulu Lemon True Self Bra ($65)
The webbed back on this sports bra is simply gorgeous. This would make the perfect yoga bra to get down with some warrior poses and feel fabulous. I love how it is all black because it is chic and sophisticated. Not to mention that the black will match any coloured top you want to put over it so you can't go wrong.

So that's a recap on my top three sports bras currently on the market. I plan on getting my hands on at least one of these gorgeous designs since they are so lovely! Ultimately it will come down to how comfortable and supportive they are though so I will deliver that verdict if I try it for myself.

Thanks for reading!