Tuesday, May 17, 2016



I recently purchased a new bag and one thing I promised myself is that I was going to keep it TIDY! No more carelessly throwing receipts into it (and leaving them there for a month) or using it to store like 1000 lip products (read that post here). 

I am so HORRIBLE with keeping my bags tidy so it’s basically a Christmas miracle if I don’t just throw anything and everything into it. I need to learn that my purse is NOT my third home (my second home is my poor car which is usually filled with workout clothes, yoga mats, university books and camera equipment) and I can’t fill it to the brim with useless things. Not only that but I think my shoulder will thank for me decluttering my purse because that thing gets HEAVY!

Okay so let’s get into the tips! Although don’t take this as gospel because as you could tell from the introduction, I’m still in the learning process with keeping my purse tidy. These are just things I have found help me keep my bag organised.

Makeup Storage 
So I used to have at least 12 lip products in my bag just rolling around and taking up a whole heap of space. I firstly cut down how many lip products I allow myself to have in my purse (it’s 4 by the way – I know right, such a minimal amount). But I also have a designated spot in my purse to keep them which is the large side pocket inside of my bag. In here I have my lip products and also a powder for touch ups. If I can’t fit it in that pocket, then it isn’t going in my bag – end of story.

Papers and Receipts 
I can’t be the only one with this issue where my bag somehow fills up with shopping dockets and flyers I have grabbed or been given while out. Somehow they just collect in my purse so I have implemented a new strategy for getting over this annoying issue. I put all of my receipts into my wallet and clear them out at the end of the week – keeping important ones and throwing away the insignificant ones. I also clear out my bag of papers daily or every few days to make sure I don’t have too much in there. It’s a simple concept but getting in the habit has seriously helped.

I think that those two are the most important factors in keeping my purse clean and tidy but there are a few final tips I thought that I would add in.

Never put pens in your bag without a lid – I have learned this the hard way (RIP Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM).

Make sure that your lipstick lids are secured tightly (again – RIP Luis Vuitton Speedy 30).

I also never put food in my bag unless it is 100% packaged or in a zip lock bag. Not only does food have the tendency of spilling and going everywhere but it can also make your bag smell.

I think that’s about it for my tips for a clean and tidy purse! Wish me luck in keeping my new purse in pristine condition. There is a reason I haven’t spent a lot on bags in a while and it’s primarily because I’m an animal who can’t keep anything clean (okay I’m not that bad – but seriously). I will be writing a what’s in my purse feature on the blog coming up soon so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading!