Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I am approaching 7 years as a blogger and another huge milestone that I am now reaching today is 1000 blog posts.

This post right now is the one thousandth blog post that is going up on my blog - how crazy is that?!

I was just 13 when I began blogging and will later this year celebrate my 21st birthday so you could definitely say that I spent all my teenage years blogging.

My first post went live on July 31 in 2009. These last 7 years have been spent between making sacrifices and being given opportunities. There has been just as much give as take with my blog in the way that I pour HOURS into it DAILY but the benefits I receive in return are invaluable.

I am able to connect with hundreds of thousands of people who want to hear what I have to say, and most importantly trust and value my opinion. I am so grateful of the support I receive from every single reader, yes I am talking to YOU right now reading this. I genuinely love blogging and I know that I would do it regardless of if anyone even read it. So...

The fact that I have lovely girls from as local as my suburb to as broad as the other side of the world who are interested in what I have to say is incredible to me - I am forever grateful.

There is a lot to do with blogging that is behind the scenes and never talked about. Posts are unfortunately not written up in 5 minutes and a random picture posted with it. It requires researching topics to write about, creativity to write in an expressive way, skill to take engaging photos to accompany your feature and the smarts to correctly market your content.

Every Google workshop I walk out of I realize more and more than blogging and YouTube are a science. Creating content that people care about is difficult which is why I am so grateful I have such amazing and loyal followers.

I am so proud of myself for being able to stick at something with so much passion continuously for 7 years

When I was 14 instead of wasting my weekends in front of the TV I was on my computer blogging away, improving my writing abilities and working at something I saw a lot of potential in. At 18 I wasn't going out clubbing every week day at the Uni bar but rather spending late nights until 1am up blogging and researching content.

These sacrifices and determination has been well worth the effort. Blogging is one of the best things I have ever done and an achievement that I am so proud of. I hope that if any of you reading this feel inclined to create a blog and be a blogger that this has encouraged you to go for it! Start that blog. Write that post. Do it for you and the passion you have.

Here is to another 1000 posts.

Thanks for reading!

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Julie L said...

Wow!!! Congratulations!! Hope to read more blogs that are truly informative.