Monday, May 23, 2016



Despite being a lover of warm weather, there is no denying how beautiful Winter lip products are and how much fun experimenting with them is. 

Deep burgundy, spiced nudes and cherry reds are just some of the colours I look for in lip colours around this time of year. I have had a look through my collection and pulled out some of the products I love wearing around this time of year and that I think you need this season.

Maybelline are killing it with all of their new collections so it is no surprise to me that a lot of their new products made it into this year's Autumn / Winter must-haves. I adore the ColorBlur lip products because they have such a unique finish to them where you blend out the lip product using and squishy blending tool at the end of the product.

'35 Plum Please' is a deep and dark burgundy with purple undertones. It has that gothic dark finish to it and is probably the most intense colour out of all the options presented today.

'30' Partner in Crimson' is a deep blood red with burgundy undertones. It is the less intense version of Plum Please and so a bit more wearable.

Next up we have 3 lipsticks from the Maybelline Bold Matte Collection. '680 Mesmerizing Magenta' is a stunning purple toned red for a violet twist on your average red colour. '660 Touch of Spice' is a warm toned nude with a dusty pink undertone which is a lovely alternative to the average daily nude. '695 Divine Wine' is a gorgeous deep and dark wine colour, similar to Partner in Crimson.

MAC 'Im-Passioned' is a gorgeous bright red, perfect when paired with light skin in the Winter time. MAC 'Pink Nouveau' is the perfect bright pink for Winter because it is muted down while still being eye catching.

Maybelline '705 Blushing Bud' is a beautiful glossy pink and wearable dusty rose. Houseglass 'Icon' Opaque Rouge is a luxury Winter lip colour with a wearable glossy finish. 

NudeStix 'Satan' is your classic bright red for Winter and 'Mystic' is a spiced nude perfect for everyday. 

That's a peek into my selection of lip products I will be using this season! We had a lot to get through here so I didn't go too in-depth but I hope this has given you some lip product inspiration for the season.

Thanks for reading!