Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I fortunately/unfortunately never lived the authentic University life of eating Mi Goreng and catching the bus. 

I luckily started my own business in high school so by the time I made it to my first year studying Journalism / Business I had a viable income to support me. Despite this, there is nothing better than snagging a good bargain – especially when it comes to fashion.

Now that I am in my last year of University I am already pre-emptively missing all those amazing student deals. There is one deal that I fully take advantage of as a student as much as I do the cheap movie tickets (You can’t beat $12).

 I’m talking about UNiDAYS, a go-to hotspot for the fashion obsessed to grab great bargains! As a student it can be difficult to find a huge amount of discretionary income to drop on a new wardrobe so amazing discounts can really help a girl out.

The best part is that these are stores you likely already shop with and you don’t realise you could be getting great deals at! If Beginning Boutique, Reebok, The Glue Store, GHD Hair and City Beach sound familiar then UNiDAYS is a place you have to be!

Some notable deals include – 10% off ASOS, 15% of Adidas, 10% off Apple, 10% off at Boohoo and a whopping 25% off a Missguided!

Being a student is AWESOME. Think of all the money you can save with all of these amazing discounts! That leaves a lot left over to put towards a holiday, a car…the bigger things rather than throwing heaps of money into clothes that will likely go out of fashion.

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