Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It's where the elite go to dress up and show off their gorgeous looks in New York - how very Gossip Girl (oh hey Blake Lively).  

Yes we are talking the Met Gala 2016 and 6 looks that stole the show this year, not to mention the stunning celebrities that wore them. It's a night that electrifies the city and all the A list celebrities step out in their designer gowns. Only in this post we won't be focusing on designers (ahem, Balmain, Kylie Jenner) but rather creativity uniqueness.

For me, Karlie Kloss took out the entire show - I seriously love this woman. She was absolutely KILLING it in her unique cut out dress that transformed into about 5 looks throughout the night. It even involved the cutting of her dress towards the end of the night. The crisp white paired with the cherry red lips was the perfect combination and screamed classy.

Blake Lively, aka real life Serena Vander Woodsen went feminine and pretty with a baby pink tulle gown and peachy pink trail. Blake went classy and gorgeous with this modest ensemble and and finished it off with killer makeup. Those lashes and red lips paired with the drop earrings were to die for.

Lastly Kylie Jenner, who I wasn't going to bring any more attention to because her dress was out of this world but after hearing about injuries from wearing her dress I had to commend her fashion efforts. It looked amazing, albeit over the top, and she sparkled and shined all night. If you think it looks painful then apparently you are right. Kylie snapped about her scratched legs and purple feet from wearing this outfit.

Kate Upton killed it this year in a shimmering disco ball esq dress. What I loved most about it was the one shoulder cut which was unique and different. I love it when a dress is a little bit daring and she seriously rocked this look. 

Kate Hudson looked stunning in the most gorgeous geometric and feathery looking dress. There is so much detail to this and the mix between cream and nude is a beautiful combination. 

Emma Watson is my hero wearing this dress made from completely recyclable materials. This girl is amazing for bringing awareness to sustainability within the fashion industry and I absolutely love her for it. She looked amazing and it was for a great cause. She also created it so that she could wear it more than once so each of the pieces can be split up to mix and match with. 

So those are the 6 dresses that stood out to me this year at the Met Gala. I am excited to be heading to New York at the end of the month (read all about my upcoming trip here). 

Thanks for reading!