Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I am definitely a salad girl throughout the week but let's be real...salad can get boring! That's why I like to mix it up and have variety in the salads I make throughout the week so that I never get sick of it.

I have put together four delicious healthy salads to spice up your week so that you get all of your veggies in with these exciting recipes. Sometimes a garden salad just doesn't cut it! Here are four recipes to try.

Antipasto Salad
I am such a huge fan of antipasto so this is totally my thing. Since I usually have antipasto eggplant or sun dried tomatoes alongside some cheese and olive bread it's almost like tricking my appetite into thinking the salad is actually a lot naughtier for me than it is. You can see the full recipe here.

Waldorf Salad 
This has been my absolute favourite salad recently and I have been making huge lots then eating it over the following couple of days. I have even be substituting apple for pear sometimes to add a bit of a different flavour. It's a simple and elegant yet delicious and satisfying salad. You can see the full recipe here

Rainbow Salad 
How incredible does this look? The raw energy from these nutrient dense vegetables will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Most of the ingredients are really crunchy which makes for a great texture. Adding different dressings can make this salad taste new every time. You can see the full recipe here.  

Carrot Salad
I absolutely love carrots and think that the health benefits are amazing. So something simple but delicious like this is a great way of increasing your vegetable intake while it tastes delicious. You can see the full recipe here

These recipes are exclusive to Taste.

Thanks for reading!