Tuesday, June 21, 2016


We live in the app age where there is quite literally an app for EVERYTHING! That includes the genre of 'perfecting your Instagram photos'.

I used to never use photo editing apps! I didn’t see the point and just never had a reason to use them. Over the last couple of years, I have found myself using a variety of apps for various reasons – to lighten photos, add boarders, re-touch colour and more. I often get asked what apps I use to edit my pictures so I thought that I would give you the run-down of my go-to apps for editing Instagram pictures.

I have 4 here to talk about so let's jump right into it...any guesses on which ones are my favourite?

This app is actually the most recent one that I have discovered because I have only been using it for a year or so now. What I mainly love about this app is that you can change the lightness of select objects in your photo. You are able to lighten specific parts of the photo while darkening others. So if you really want to bring out the blue of the ocean from a beach photo then you can up the saturation levels on just the ocean. Or if you take a picture of your candle-lit dinner and the food isn’t showing up that great then you can lighten just the bowls of your food. The ability of this app definitely comes in handy. In the example that I have included – I used the app to darken the sky to look more blue and also to lighten the food to be less shadowy.

This was a particularly useful app prior to the new version of Instagram being released because it would allow you to post pictures that weren’t square. It would frame your majorly portrait or landscape format picture and put a white background on the sides so that it would proportionately fit the square format. I even find it useful now when my portrait image is just slightly too long to get the full shot onto Instagram. It adds a subtle boarder to the picture. As seen below. In my example you can see a slight block of whiteness as a border on each side of the picture as it would not fit onto Instagram any other way.

Photo Editor-
This is practically like a free version of Facetune and although I don’t use this one often I wanted to mention it because it could save you from purchasing the similar apps that cost money. I can honestly say that I do not edit my pictures that much using this app and when I do it is only to brighten/lighten or very subtly smooth out my skin if I have a blemish or something. I hate fueling a body conscious industry to think that the average girl is absolutely flawless and stunning so I like to keep my selfies real and raw.
This one is pretty plain and simple to explain because what it does is creates collages. This allows for me to put up to 6 pictures within the one Instagram photo. I like using this when promoting my recent YouTube videos since they are rectangular images and I can fit 2 into one photo. I also like using this when I want to compare something as seen in the example of my weight-loss progress photo.

Three of these four apps was completely free with the paid one being Snapseed. Even then, the app was only a couple of dollars.

That's it for my run-down on four of my favourite photo editing apps that keep my Instagram photos high quality.

Thanks for reading!