Tuesday, June 14, 2016


It's inevitable that bad days are going to happy! It's just life that there are ups and downs - good days and bad days. If I'm being honest - I am having a bit of a bad day right now as I write this.

It's also the reason I am writing this! Writing for me is cathartic and something that makes me feel better when I am having a bad day. Whether I am talking about the topic itself of writing in general it either helps me get through it or it takes my mind of it.

In this post we are discussing ways to make yourself feel better when you are having a bad day. These are easy little things that will turn your day around and bring more happiness into your day.

Treat yourself to your favourite food
I don't know if it's just me but I am borderline obsessed with food. No- scratch that. I AM obsessed with food. Treat yourself to your absolute FAVE food and have no regrets eating it. My only tip is to try and make it somewhat healthy. So for me I really enjoy Sushi so will go out and buy myself some delicious sushi and warm tofu dish to cheer myself up. Just no McDonalds or greasy take away because that may actually lower your energy levels.

Be grateful
I instantly feel better when I count the blessings in my life! Acknowledging everything in your life that is going well and focusing on those positives will definitely lift your mood. Write a list of the top ten things in your life right now that you are most grateful for. They could be as basic as clean water to drink and money to buy food or as specific as that promotion at work or getting a new car.

Be productive
If you feel you are being productive then you are more likely to feel proud of yourself and therefore happy. Do something that contributes to a bigger goal like exercising to get fit for your holiday or reading a chapter in a book so that you can complete a series. Answer some emails (only if you are in a good enough mood to sound happy).

Work on something that you love
For me right now working on creating this blog post for you all is seriously lifting my mood! Thank you for being there for me as an amazing audience (bringing it back to the being grateful tip). If you are doing something that you love then it is seriously difficult, if not impossible, to be unhappy. Start a passion project. If you love writing then work on putting together a book. Or if you love baking then go bake a cake and record the recipe. 

Go see a movie by yourself 
When all else fails - take yourself to a movie! Escape into a different reality for a couple of hours and snack on popcorn and chocolate. Being in that dark quiet cinema, embracing a plot-line and focusing on something other than your life is liberating and relaxing. 

So those are my tips for making yourself feel better when you are having a crappy day! It's never too late to turn around your day and it is really important to strive to be happy rather than wallow in self pity. Be productive, be grateful and take steps to turn your day around. 

Thanks for reading!