Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Brushes are something that can seriously MAKE or BREAK a makeup look! 

If a brush makes your amazing Chanel foundation look streaky then there is no coming back from that so it is a fine balance of good quality makeup and great quality brushes.

A brand that I can always rely on for fantastic quality is Furless! They are always extremely well made and never shed a hair. The new range that I am going to be talking about today is the Couture Base Essentials Kit which is an absolute must for anyone who wants a flawless base.

These four brushes work together to create the perfect foundation, concealer, contour and power look. When I want a full coverage face of makeup I often require around 4 brushes since I prefer using a brush per product and not mixing them together. So when I saw this kit I thought that it would be PERFECT for me and all my base product needs.

The smallest brush is the perfect size for getting underneath those eyes with some concealer or on the sides of the nose for some highlighting. It is the best option for concealer application and works well all over the face.

Next we have the small round dome brush which is a fantastic option for contouring because it is precise enough to apply the contour but also large enough to blend it all out for a natural look.

The thin kabuki style brush is fantastic for buffing in foundation and getting a great coverage. The density means that it isn't going to soak up and waste all of your foundation but it is also stiff for blending it out for a seamless finish. I love how it is a bit larger in size because it cuts down on application time.

The larger brush is amazing for applying powder and setting your entire look. It is a similar density to the other packed brushes so picks up a lot of product for a full coverage finish.

This brush set retails for $89.95 and is a great investment in face brushes. This works out to be around $22.50 a brush which can seem a little pricey but they are well worth it.

I'm definitely of the opinion that quality always comes before quantity so I much prefer having a nice selection of great quality brushes rather than a heap of lesser quality ones.

This is definitely a set worth putting on your wishlist.

Thanks for reading!