Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I definitely have a sweet tooth and am also obsessed with baking and making sweet treats. So we are taking a mini-break from beauty today to talk about desserts!

I have put together four of my favourite dessert recipes for when you are hosting a dinner party or looking to make a delicious dessert, even if just for yourself. I like to keep it pretty simple so these are quite easy recipes but the results are amazingly delicious.

Apricot Tarts with Honey Cream
I have recently become obsessed with apricot EVERYTHING. It has this delicious sweet but tangy flavour that works best when paired with vanilla flavours. A definite favourite for something light but sweet. You can see the full recipe here

Peanut Marshmallow Tart
Ahhh I seriously love this recipe! It incorporates so many of my favourite flavours into the one dessert. Peanut anything is to die for and paired with the sticky sweetness of marshmallow it is incredible. Finished off with a dark chocolate biscuit base - this is one of the best desserts ever. You can see the full recipe here

Apricot and Coconut Dessert Slice
Damn, daniel...back at it again with the...apricot (if you don't know that meme then you must think I am crazy right now). This time it is mixed in with coconut (another favourite flavour) and made into a slice. This gooey creation tastes amazing with some coconut icecream and icing sugar. You can see the full recipe here

Cherry Compote and Brandy Custard Creme Brulee 
This is a delicious spin on your average custard brulee. The rich and tangy cherry at the bottom contrasts well with the creaminess of the rest of the dessert. The brandy adds a delicious and rich flavour kick. You can see the full recipe here

These recipes are exclusive to Taste.

Thanks for reading!