Friday, June 10, 2016


With the weather cooling down I have recently been experiencing a few run-ins with dry lips and have found a couple of products that have helped me through.

When you have dry lips you get to that point where you don't want to wear any lip products because
a. They look horrible on your cracked lips and only accentuate the problem, and
b. They only further irritate the problem and make things worse.

This combination of products I have found to be the absolute best mix of repairing and hiding dry lips. Let's get into it...

BOE Beauty Candy Lip Balm
This product is an absolute bargain at just $2 from Big W. There is something about the formulation that layers in on thick and acts as a protective barrier. You definitely see the product healing your dry lips, softening them and allowing for them to repair. I love applying this at all times during the day and especially underneath any lips colours to work as a barrier.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine '54 Boy'
This is quite a pricey lipstick but I absolutely think that it is worth it for the quality. The shiny and sheer formulation acts as a light tint on the lips. This illusion covers the effects of dry lips and distracts from it completely. It also provides moisture and hydration so is almost like a lip balm as well.

So those are the two products you absolutely need if you want to get on with your life while having dry lips and onto more important things like..sipping champagne for example. 

The third recommendation I have isn't picture because I just thought of it now and that is the Dior Color Reviver Balm which is a lip balm that adapts to be a complimentary colour for your lips. 

Thanks for reading!