Friday, June 17, 2016


When you read tea candle your first thought it probably to picture those little mini candles in the foil tins but what I really mean is that this is a full sized Hourglass candle scented like tea...yep. 

If you didn’t already know - I’m an avid coffee lover! This would by CRYSTAL clear if you follow me on my coffee filled Instagram feed @JordyCannon.

Like 2 cups a day addicted and I have to pull myself away from the coffee machine before I go for a third (because let’s be real – 2 big cups is enough for a 53kg young woman).

Anyway back to the point – this year I actually started drinking a lot of tea! I have never been a big tea-drinker because..well coffee – duh.
I eased myself in with sweet T2 options and then found a liking to chamomile as well and lemon & ginger teas. So I’m not opposed to a gorgeous tea scented candle especially when it’s from Glasshouse! This double wick wonder is a gorgeous blend of black tea and cardamom which immediately sets a relaxing scene.

Ditch the sandwiches and scones, it’s time for high heels and macarons. Indulge in High Tea, over a majestic blend of Black Tea, Bergamot and zesty Cardamom. The candle is named ‘High Tea’ and was released for Mother’s Day so has special edition packaging. The box was beautifully decorated with a feminine pastel purple and gold design. The candle itself is encased in a stunning bright magenta glass and gold writing.

 It was actually released as part of the McGrath Foundation which Glasshouse is third year in the running with. This is a unique and sassy scent that plays on the concept of a High Tea.

This is the perfect candle to unwind with because it has that natural and calming scent to it. It isn’t sweet and it isn’t fruity but it’s the perfect neutral scent like sandalwood or lavender. When I first read that it was tea and spice scented I had my skepticism but after smelling it I can confirm that it is a delightful scent that has been very well done by Glasshouse.

The double wick means that it will fill the room with a stronger scent which is perfect for me because if I am burning a candle then I want to be able to smell it. I’m sure some of you can also relate to when you light a candle then can’t smell anything – like what’s the point, right?

This candle retails for $44.95 and is available from Myer, David Jones and other select retailers. You can read more about the product here.

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