Thursday, April 27, 2017

Looking At My Hair Under a Microscope! The Verdict!

A couple of weeks ago I headed into Tognini's Haidressing Salon, just off James Street in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. Side note- if you're ever in James Street you can get a killer coffee from the most gorgeous sunny café, Chow House.

Back to my salon visit. I was there to experience a customized Kerastase Treatment, which I have previously tried and you can read all about that experience here. But every time is different because your hair changes in what it needs depending on a lot of factors; the weather, how much styling you have been doing and if you have recently done something different with your colour. Think of it like a cocktail mixed up just for what your hair needs.

Not to mention, there have been a lot of advancements in the technology since my last treatment. Last time, I thought it was pretty cool to see pictures of my scalp and hair but this time I was BLOWN AWAY! This microscopic lens gets such a detailed shot that you can not only see close up of a strand of hair...but the light shining through it means you can even see through that strand - CRAZY! I'll give you another example - I could see the little blood capillaries on my scalp moving blood around (gross but cool).

So what's the point in examining your hair THAT close up? To identify it's dryness, thickness, shininess, split ends, roughness, oiliness etc. After analyzing your hair through rigorous testing, using this technology, it gives an evaluation on where your hair could use improvement. I was pretty shocked to find that my hair has very minimal damage, especially considering I highlight my hair! I've put this down to me rarely getting my hair re-done, aka me being too time poor to get it re-done but also I hate the damage it does to my hair.

So how did my hair stack up? It's a tiny bit dry on the ends, a normal thickness, super shiny, miminal split ends a bit of roughness and normal levels of oil. I also found it interesting when we examined hair density which is based on how much hair is coming from each follicle (who knew there was so much that went into your hair being the way that it is?!)

From these results, my gorgeous hairdresser and I were able to identify what sort of customized treatment my hair needed. First we started with a purifying clay mask to break down any product build up and followed this with a calming volume shampoo. I say "we" but really my incredible hairdresser came up with this genius tailored treatment for me.

That was when we sprayed in the Kerastase treatment which was a mix of strengthening keratin and a hydration boost mixed together. The coolest thing was that this treatment was mixed up like a cocktail then sprayed on for application! Such a smart idea to get even coverage and ensure it deeply penetrates each strand of hair.

The in-salon ritual included the products;
  • Spécifique Masquargil on scalp
  • Two shampoo’s of Spécifique Bain Divalent
  • A Fusio-Dose treatment of Oléo Fusion and Booster of Reconstruction
  • Masque Force Architecte
  • Blow Dry, with Ciment Thermique and Dénsifique Mousse

  • Thank you so much to my beautiful stylist Evie Golding for making my visit so lovely and the Kerastase team for lining up such a gorgeous treatment for me.

    I would highly recommend trying out the Kerastase treatments because it is valuable information to understand your hair and how you can alter your routine to suit your needs. These treatments really make the world of difference and I'm already looking forward to my next one.

    Thanks for reading!

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