Sunday, May 28, 2017

BEHIND THE DESK #13 - Stay-Cations, Finals Week and Upcoming Travel

I thought I would take the time this lovely Sunday, while sitting in a café sipping a soy cap, to write up a quick update of what has been happening with me.

Don’t let my current laid back relaxing fool you – it’s the calm before the storm. Finals week commences as of tomorrow so we are sitting at T minus 10 hours until the chaos begins. And oh – it will be chaos.

In between working full time this entire week I have to do; a presentation, an advertising brief, 2 advertising reflective journals and an entire creative advertising campaign. So yeah, fun times.

I know a lot of you are likely in the same boat right now so – good luck my friends – may the force be with you.

Hmm what else?

Well I’ve made it my commitment that this week, yeah I know it’s finals week, I’m getting back into the blogging. I can’t stand being away from the blog and not writing as much so I’ve made it my personal goal to update this space as much as I can starting this week. I don’t know if I can get back to 7 posts a week like I could when I was blogging full time but let’s aim for 4. What do we think of that?

Other than that life has been pretty cruisy. I’m starting to get a little restless again in Brisbane so might have to look into some travel plans soon. I’m heading to Byron Bay next month with my sister for her 18th birthday so that might cure my urge to travel for now.

Last weekend I had a little "stay-cation" at HolidayInn Express Central Brisbane with my sister. We chilled out watching movies and eating room service. I had such a good time there and was so impressed with the service so we will definitely be back.

We’re coming into Winter now in Brisbane (yeah I guess it’s a little overdue with cool weather only starting in May). This is bad news for me since I’m practically solar powered and thrive in warm sunny weather but I’ll throw a hoodie on and deal with it. I mean, Thailand doesn’t look like a bad place to life but it seems like a lot of coordination would be necessary to move there just while Brisbane endures Winter.

I really want to join a sport so if you have any recommendations please email me at because that would be much appreciated. I’m super stuck on what I could do since I’m not a very sporty person. Like I’m so desperate right now I might have to take up golf or something (haha can you imagine).

How have you been? I hope well!