Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My First Acupuncture Experience

Acupuncture has been on my ‘to-do’ list for the longest time and last week I finally got around to trying it!

So I thought I would fill you in on my experience and the results I have had with the treatment so far. So first things first (I’m the realist…sorry couldn’t resist), I went to Chi-Link at Chermside shopping centre.

I had just finished up a particularly stressful and hard day so figured it would be the perfect time for acupuncture to work its magic. Side note is that I had never properly read up on the benefits of acupuncture or understood its purpose until recently.

Acupuncture is a 3000 year old healing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been identified to improve all of the body’s functions and promotes natural self-healing. These acupuncture points are used to balance the bodies energy ‘qui’, which is a constantly flow of energy that keeps yin and yang balances forced. This improves overall well-being but has also been linked to treating specific issues like better sleep, improved respiratory health, increased energy and so much more.

Because everyone has a different experience with the benefits, I thought it would be beneficial to talk you through my first acupuncture experience and the benefits I encountered due to the treatment.

Where did I get it done?
I focussed on my upper back since I spend a considerable amount of time sitting and staring at a computer screen each day which takes a toll on your neck. My acupuncturist identified my right shoulder is significantly worse than my left and we put this down to how I hold my purse on my right shoulder. I’m going to start occasionally carrying it on my left to try and even this out.

Did it hurt?
This is a weird question because I want to say no but I also want to mention that it can also be a bit uncomfortable as times. After all, you are sticking needles into your back. However, the pain is very minimal and dull so more like a slight muscle ache than a stabbing pain. The pain of the needle feels like a flick then a prick and it is nothing torturous. After this, the needles sit in your back for at least 30 minutes and in that time if you move around you can feel them but it doesn’t hurt.

What were the benefits?
Immediately I noticed that I could breathe a lot clearer. It felt like my respiratory system had just opened and I could breathe deeper and fuller. This within itself is a massive benefit that I am still feeling but not as intensely as when I first had the treatment. I also felt an overwhelming sense of wellness and positivity. My body felt great and I had such a happily positive mindset – even moreso than usual. Due to this I felt like I was drawing positive people and experiences closer to me, which is crazy to think about. I remember having a very good evening and following day due to this great shift in my mood. My back felt incredible! Any tension or pain had dissipated and my neck felt very lose and relaxed. This was also to a further extent than just what a massage can achieve.

The Verdict
Due to my amazing results and benefits from my first experience I will definitely be incorporating acupuncture into my lifestyle. I am thinking at least once a month I will make a point in finding the time to book in a quick session.

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