Friday, June 23, 2017

So, You've Lost Weight... Now What?!

No matter what the figures on the scales say, losing any amount of weight is a massive achievement. If you've battled with your waistline for many years, seeing the pounds drop off can be even more profound, and one great motivation is knowing just how great you're going to look once you hit your target weight. However, we often have such huge expectations of how we will look and how we will feel once we reach that weight, that the reality can sometimes be a bit of a letdown. Of course, there's no doubt at all that you will be thinner and lighter as a result of all your hard work. But you may encounter further body-image struggle once the weight has fallen off, as naturally, your body has been through such a massive change. Read on to find out some of the most common struggles women (and men!) face after losing weight, and how you can tackle these issues to show off your new-found confidence.

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An ageing face

There aren't all too many pros to being overweight, as clearly, it is very bad for your health. But one plus (if you can call it that) is that a plumper face tends to look younger, as wrinkles are less pronounced in a skin that's less taut. If you lose a lot of weight and much of that weight comes off your face, you may notice that you look significantly older afterwards - especially if you have not been using anti-ageing products throughout your weight loss process. All is not lost, however, and it's never too late to start taking better care of your skin. Invest in some quality anti-ageing skincare and make sure you're getting plenty of vitamin D - whether that's through your diet or supplements.

Excess skin

This is perhaps the most common complaint from people who lose a lot of weight - especially those who lose it rapidly. There is nothing more disappointing than finally hitting your goal, but then feeling unable to show off your new body because of the folds of skin you still have. However, this isn't just something you have to accept, as clinics like Belcara Health Plastic Surgery offer treatments specifically designed for those with excess skin. If your condition is not so severe as to need the help of a doctor, but you would still like to tone up a little, practice lifting weights in the gym - it is much more useful for toning than cardio is.

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Your changing closet

There are plenty of things you may need to adjust to when you've just lost a significant amount of weight - but perhaps the biggest thing is your relationship with clothes. You may once have hated going clothes shopping, but now, it seems like a far more exciting prospect. Learn about what fashions will suit your new body. Remember, just because something is in fashion doesn't mean it will necessarily suit you! Women's bodies tend to range between pear-shaped, top-heavy, round, athletic or hourglass, so identify which shape you are most like and dress accordingly.

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