Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Weekend in Byron Bay - A Guide On Where To Go


Last weekend, my sister and I headed down to Byron Bay to celebrate her 18th birthday by the beach. Winter was definitely not going to stop us enjoying this beautiful beach side town and exploring the sites.

Both my sister and I have been there before on separate occasions but have never hit the town together so we got to cross a road trip together to Byron off our bucket list. We went with no plans, other than to definitely stop into Crystal Castle on the way home (featured at the end of this post), have some fun and relax a little. That's exactly what we did so I thought I would put together a little guide on where to go based on our trip and the favourite places we found along the way.  

The Lighthouse
This is a must! Head up to the lighthouse and enjoy the breath taking views and take a few snaps in front of the iconic lighthouse. This is the perfect place to explore for a picnic or hike, catching some fresh sea breeze and surrounded by relaxing nature. It is such a gorgeous spot that we headed there twice during our trip.

Fisherman's Lookout
Featured in the first set of photos, Fisherman's Lookout is such a cool beach spot, just off the beaten path to The Lighthouse. It's a series of stairs to get to a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the rocky cliffs and stunning seaside.

The Byron Bay Beach Hotel
2-10 Bay Street
This an absolute must when visiting Byron to stop and have a relaxed beer overlooking the beach. The recent refurbishment has seen a new look to the place with the same chilled out vibe. Featuring a full menu of cocktails, craft beers and wine - you're bound to find a new favourite or indulge in your go-to option. The food here is great also and there are often live bands playing so you can soak up some Byron music culture.

Main Centre / Shopping
Take a stroll through the main centre, stopping into the boutique clothing stores or having a browse at such unique spots as Byron Gems. One of my favourite places I stumbled across was a small indie t-shirt shop with hilarious slogans and quotes. Also, Byron is a hub for every single surf shop you can name so you can hit up all your favourite surf brand names as well.

The Beach - obviously
Took my recommendation to grab some fish and chips from ZaZa Kebabs? Head on down to the beach, just a short stroll away, and find a cosy spot to eat while watching the waves roll in. The beach is just as beautiful in Winter as it is in Summer there, only swimming is definitely out of the question.

Cape Byron Café
When you head up to the Cape of Byron, stop in at the Café and enjoy a coffee while overlooking beach Byron. You're at the best vantage point to look over Byron beach, the beautiful mountains and cliffs as well as see the lighthouse.

Crystal Castle
If you are into beautiful shiny things and relaxing places then you HAVE to stop into Crystal Castle - home of the most extravagant and breath taking crystals. Some of them are GIGANTIC - it really is a sight to see. Amethyst's galore, including a MASSIVE amethyst of all amethysts (I think you get the point - there are Amethyst's) that four people can fit inside. There are Buddhist activities and relics around the place, it is pretty magical.


Because I love food more than life can rest assured that I scouted out the food culture in Byron and was not disappointed.
ZaZa Kebabs
8/4 Jonson St
Want to try the best fresh calamari of your life? Look no farther than this humble kebab shop. Dishing up seafood classics as well as kebabs, it pleasantly surprised and is now a new favourite spot in Byron.

Euro Sushi
7/7 Lawson St
If you want some amazing high quality sushi then this is the place but it does come at a cost. The menu is full of delicious and creative options, primarily serving up sashimi dishes. A small plate costs around $6 so a lot more than your regular sushi train but presentation is everything here and the quality is high.

Byron Bay Juice Bar
Jonson Street
Especially in the Summer time, this is the best juice place located right near the beach. They do a 'Watermelon Summer Love' juice which is a must-try for anyone who loves the 'Wondermelon' juice from Boost. This is a much more refreshing version though with watermelon, lime and mint. You're bound to find a juice you love or you can custom make one to your taste. Head down to the beach and relax in the sun while you enjoy your juice.

Cheeky Monkey's
If you are looking for a classic pub feed at a great price then this is a must. Don't forget to stay until for a while after dinner when things start getting interesting and the place picks up a lot. The service is great, quality of food is awesome and the unique atmosphere adds to a great Byron experience.

That's my guide to Byron - where to go, what to see and what to eat. I feel like there is so much more to Byron to see that I look forward to exploring next time but in the meantime, these are my favourites I have complied. 

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