Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to All Benefit Brow Products

It's no shocker that Benefit have incredible brow products. I mean - Gimme Brow, Brow Zings, High Brow... these are all cult classic products that have been on the market for years and years.

But what happens when Benefit make a point of focussing on their brow products and release a branded collection to celebrate all they have to offer to make womens brows everywhere look flawless? A gorgeous chrome packaged collection that will make you want to go out and re-purchase all of your go-to faves just for the adorable packaging.

Guilty as charged. Well, I'm going to talk you through the tried and tested faves that I have used for years as well as some new products where its my first time trying them.

Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit
This is a one-stop-shop for everything brows in one cute this compact. Available in six different shades, you can get your perfect brows in just the right shade.

The set includes;
- shaping and filling wax
- setting powder
- extendable dual-ended brush
- mini slant tweezers

This product retails for $55 and considering all that is included, I think that this is fantastic value.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil
This mechanical pencil is a seamless wind-up product with a smooth and creamy formulation to glide on your brows with no sharpening required. Available in six different shades, chances are there will be the perfect colour for you available.

The other end is a spoolie to assist in getting your brows perfectly shaped. Other benefits of this product are that it is a waterproof formulation that will last for 12 hours.

This product retails for $42 which is pretty steep for a brow pencil but if it achieves your perfect brows then it's worth it.
High Brow 
This product is - put simply - an eyebrow highlighter. However, I have been known to use this quite often in my waterline and inner corner of my eyes to help appear more awake. There are a heap of products on the market that do this exact thing but I tend to like the colour of the product and that is the difficult thing to match. It's a pearlescent milky baby pink with a creamy consistency. The best part is that it is super pigmented so you can be gentle on your eyes during application. It's $38 and definitely worth the splurge if eye highlighting is your thing.

Gimme Brow 
This volumizing eyebrow gel has little micro fibres that attach themselves to your eyebrow hairs to plump up your brow look. It's kind of like a fibre mascara but for your brows... pretty cool huh? Especially if you have really thin brows like myself - this definitely helps. It's a bit pricey at $39 but will last you a while. If you only want to give it a go, Sephora stock a mini version for $21.
Precisely, My Brow Pencil
This is another wind up eyebrow pencil with product on one end and a spoil on the other. This particular product is a lot thinner than the Goof Proof Brow Pencil so allows a more detailed brow due to the precise application. It retails for $42 and is waterproof, designed for 12-hour wear.
3D Browtones 
This eyebrow enhancer adds depth and dimension too your brows. Adding subtle and natural looking highlights, contrasting darker brows and adding depth to lighter brows. It's an interesting product to try out and have a play with to see if it will work for you. It's available in two shades - light/medium and medium/deep. It retails for $42.
Ready, Set, Brow
This is your classic clear brow gel, perfect for setting those perfect brows in place. You work so hard on the shaping and filling it only makes sense to set them in place for the day so that the style doesn't budge. Designed for 24-hour-wear and sporting a custom dual-sided wand, it's the creme-de-la-creme of all brow setting gels. Retails for $42.
Gel brow products and I have never gotten along but this product makes working with gel and my eyebrows just a little bit easier. I absolutely love the hidden brush in the stem of this product and that cute chrome packaging gets me every time. Available in 6 colours and retailing at $42 it's worth trying if you're well into your cream-gel colours.

So that's it - the low down on all that Benefit have to offer in brow products.
Benefit products are available from anywhere with a counter such as Sephora, Myer or David Jones.