Tuesday, July 4, 2017

BEHIND THE DESK #14 - Surviving Finals, Horse-Riding, Acupuncture and New Blog Direction


It has been WAY too long since I sat down and updated you guys on what's been happening.

Semester 1 of my Masters = Over and Done With.
Since the last time I've well and truly made it through finals week, in fact Uni starts back up soon.
“How bad was it?” you ask? Well, on the last day when everything was due I had to write 6, 500 words in the space of 24 hours. Yeah - the struggle was real. Now we sit and wait for the results to come in. 
After getting through it all I feel pretty accomplished and am allowing myself to kick back for a bit - do some blogging and I even finished Season 5 of House of Cards.

I’m thinking I’ll drop down to 3 subjects instead of 4 next semester just to give myself a bit of breathing space.
Random Things I've Been Up To

I went horse riding for the first time. My horses name was Aussie and he was super sweet. By that I mean he didn’t throw me off at any point, it’s all the small victories. But really, he was super cute and learning to ride a horse was pretty fun. 
I’m headed to Byron Bay a couple of weekends ago to celebrate my sisters 18th. You can read all about what we got up to in my Byron Bay Travel Guide here.
I have been right into the acupuncture and massage life lately, loving the way it is making my body feel. I wasn’t expecting to have such great results with acupuncture but there is a noticeable difference for me when I get it done. You can read all about my first acupuncture experience in the blog post here, talking all about the main benefits I get from doing it.

New Blog Direction
I have been really inspired to write recently, piecing together articles here and there about lifestyle topics and throwing ideas around.
I’d really like to share them at some point and I've started slowly releasing them to get a feel if they are something you might be interested in. It’s great quarter-life-crisis material, I give you permission to laugh at me but the response has been great so far.

The first post of its kind has been 'The Struggle of Being in Your Early 20s'. Look out for more content like this.

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