Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sick Of Squats? Try These Alternatives For A Great Butt

With Winter coming to an end, we all want to get beach-ready. That means eating right every day, (mostly whole plant foods), and exercising. No doubt you’ve invested lots of time in developing your glutes with squats, but are they really the best exercise out there?

In truth, there is no one, single exercise that is the best for developing a killer butt. In fact, science has shown the that best approach is to use a variety of exercises to hit the muscle from multiple angles. Keeping your muscles guessing is essential to making progress.

So if you’re getting a bit fed up with squats, what else can help you develop your tush? Check out these exercises.

Do Single-Leg Deadlifts, With TRX Assistance

Performing a single-leg deadlift is extremely challenging, but it’s also one of the most powerful ways to tone up your glutes and leg muscles.

If you’re new to the exercise, find the TRX equipment at your local gym. Hold on to the dangling cords and face a mirror head on. Then take one of your legs off the ground and curl it back. Slowly lower yourself down to the ground on your remaining leg, using additional support if required. You should feel a pulling in your leg and butt muscles. Very few people can do single-legged deadlifts without any prior training, so feel free to tug on the TRX ropes to help yourself get back to the standing position. Do three sets of ten on each leg for a total of six sets.

Hop On A Climbing Machine

What is a Maxi Climber? Essentially, it’s a cardio machine that simulates the action of climbing. Compared to most cardio machines in the gym, climbing machines target the glutes and the thighs, making it the ideal companion for women wanting to tone up that entire area. What’s more, it’s an exercise that targets your cardiovascular system at the same time, making it ideal for losing weight.

Step Up To The Plate With Dumbbell Step-Ups

This is another exercise where you use your left and right legs independently. One of the benefits of these kinds of exercises is that they build all of the stabilizer muscles while also training the larger muscles, helping to increase functional strength.

To perform a dumbbell step-up, find a sturdy box and a medium-weight dumbbell for each arm. Then place one foot on the top of the box and push off with the other one from the floor. Step back and put both feet back on the ground again before stepping up again with the opposite foot. Do twenty reps and three sets.

Swing Those Kettlebells

Kettlebells are an amazingly simple, yet effective invention. They can be used for all sorts of exercises, but they’re particularly useful for toning up the thighs, lower back, and butt.

Start off standing with your legs apart and with both hands hold onto the kettlebell, dangling down in front of you. Bend over at the hips, keeping your legs straight, so the kettlebell drops closers to the floor. Then straighten your back out, forcing the kettlebell to swing up and out in front of your as high as your face. Repeat this action ten times for five sets.

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