Saturday, September 2, 2017

2 Steps To Flawless Skin - Garnier Skin Active Review

Nothing beats a good duo that makes your skin look fabulous! Look no further than the Garnier Skin Active range for two products that will leave your skin squeaky clean with a flawless complexion.

In this post I'm talking you through two products I have fallen in love with that work perfectly to remove makeup, and then provide a natural lightweight coverage.

Also side note, how adorable is the named hair towel (band? is that what you call these things) that Garnier put together...personalization is the way to my heart... really makes a girl feel special.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil
Girls, all we really want is something to cut through our water proof makeup - am I right? Seriously, mascara can linger for days to the point where you constantly have panda eyes that you cover up with concealer (okay, I might be guilty of this sometimes). I have been obsessed with micellar waters ever since they hit the market and they have only bee improving over the years. I absolutely love this one because it is more hydrating than a typical micellar water due to the oil it contains. This product retails for $14.99 for 400ml.


Garnier Skin Active BB Cream
This 'Nude Effect' BB Cream is super cool because is uses self-adjusting technology. It short it means that it will transform in colour based on your skin tone. This is a fantastic hydrating option to throw on when you want a little light coverage and nothing too heavy on the skin - it's like wearing nothing at all. Another huge plus with this product is that is contains SPF 15 for a little sun protection. I would usually recommend something a bit stronger but I think this works for added protection with a sunscreen or if you aren't going to be in the sun much. This product retails for $15.99 for 50ml of product.

Both products are available from Target, Priceline, Big W and all the usual places you would expect to find Garnier.

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