Friday, September 1, 2017

Exposed: 4 Healthy Eating Myths Busted!

Fitness is a combination of exercising regularly and eating healthily.

It’s the second thing that most people seem to struggle with more than anything else. Normally, this is because they’ve been fed lies and myths about healthy eating that leads them to believe they can’t do it.

Well, I think it’s time to expose the lies and bust some of the most common healthy eating myths out there.

Healthy Meals Take Lots Of Effort To Make

A massive lie that most people believe is that healthy meals take ages to make and require a lot of effort. I don’t know why people believe this, maybe they’ve seen some healthy recipes that put them off, I have no idea! The truth is that healthy eating can be incredibly fast if you want it to be. Get yourself a sweet potato and cook it for a few minutes in the microwave then add cottage cheese to it and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal in five or six minutes, easy.

Healthy Eating Means You Only Eat Salads

This is such a common lie surrounding healthy eating. People think they have to completely restrict their diet to just salads and other vegetables. While these things do form part of a healthy diet, they’re not the only things you can eat. As you see in the info for phase 2 of the popular HCG Diet, you’re encouraged to eat a portion of meat with every meal. Chicken or beef isn't unhealthy if you cook them properly and consume an appropriate amount.

Protein Is Good Regardless Of How You Get It

Loads of people believe the lie that it doesn’t matter how you get your protein as long as it enters your body. This leads people to justify eating a dirty Big Mac because the beef contains good protein. Sure, the patty might contain a decent amount of protein, but it also contains loads of salt, bad fats, calories, sugar, and goodness knows what else. Protein is an essential part of eating healthy as it helps our muscles recover and grow. But, you must ensure you get quality protein sources instead of pre-cooked meats from fast food restaurants.

You Need To Eat Healthy Every Single Day

So many people are put off healthy eating as they think it has to consume their entire life. They believe they need to eat healthily and live on a strict diet every single day with no breaks. As already established, the first part of this isn’t true as your diet doesn’t need to be that strict. Secondly, it’s actually proven that ‘cheat days’ can help you lose more weight than eating healthy every single day. When you eat healthily, your metabolism gets used to the food you’re eating and starts to slow down. This makes it harder to burn fat, so you need to shock it now and then by straying from the healthy path. Have a cheat day every week or so to get your metabolism working at peak effectiveness to ensure you see better results in the long run.

Don’t believe any of these healthy eating lies and let them put you off making a change to your life! Listen to the truth, and you will start seeing massive changes to your body.

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