Friday, September 22, 2017

3 Subtle Changes That Make Dieting Fun

It’s very hard to get anywhere in fitness without a good diet. What you put in your system is just as important as all those workouts you do. Most people are aware of this, awareness isn’t the problem here. The problem is that loads of us just aren’t motivated to eat properly and follow a healthy diet. Usually, this is simply because a healthy diet doesn’t seem fun.

The thought of eating healthy foods doesn’t exactly fill most people with glee. But, by making just a few subtle changes, you can make your diet fun for once.

Make Your Food Look Nice

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it much easier to eat well when my meals look good. Listen, there’s nothing fun about a boring old salad with lettuce and plain chicken. It doesn’t look appealing, and it doesn’t get you licking your lips and eager for dinner. On the other hand, if you cook meals that look vibrant and are plated up well, then it becomes way more fun. Part of the joy comes from making these meals look nice and Instagram-worthy. You look forward to dinner time as you’re excited to try and make a colourful meal that everyone else is impressed by. Such a simple and small change, but the impact it has on your approach to dieting is insane.

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Eat Healthy Versions Of Sweet Treats

Speaking from experience, it’s very hard to commit to a diet that doesn’t include lots of sweet treats. I know it’s bad, but chocolate and other sugary things just taste so damn good. Well, you can get the best of both worlds with this tiny change. Simply switch regular sweet treats for healthy versions. As you can see in this review of Shake That Weight, there are healthier alternatives to chocolate bars, chocolate porridge, and so on. The key is looking at the ingredients and making sure there isn’t any bad stuff in your treats. Now, it’s much more fun to eat healthy as you know you can still get a little chocolate boost!

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Reward Yourself For Eating Well

This by far my favourite idea to make dieting fun. Here’s what you do, you set yourself a target for a certain amount of healthy meals per month. Or, you can set a target of not eating a certain amount of bad food per month. Then, on the final Friday of the month, you take a look at things and see if you achieved what you set out to achieve. If you’ve done well, you can reward yourself with - wait for it - a cheat meal! That’s right, you get one special meal where you can cook or order whatever you want. It will actually help your metabolism by giving it a little shock after all the good food, so it’s well worth it. But, to achieve the cheat meal, you have to eat well during the month. It’s a fun little challenge and gives your diet some extra purpose.

Make these three subtle changes to your diet, and it will be a lot more fun. You will find it much easier to stick to and eat your way to a better body.

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