Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Favourite Workouts - How I Stay Fit

If I'm behind honest, I hate most exercise. Despising the gym was something that I overcame by finding little routines that I enjoy.

So I thought I would run (ha, pun intended) you through the workouts that keep me motivated and entertained to exercise.

Yoga / Pilates
Yoga or Pilates classes are by far my favourite way of keeping fit. I personally take 'Hot Pilates' classes the most because I see such great benefits with them. You commit to an hour of sweating it out in a hot room and working your body non-stop. The reason I love it is because although you are so intensely exercising, it doesn't feel strenuous because you control your breath and it's all about thoughtful movement. So the whole process is quite relaxing, therapeutic and effective all while working those muscles and sweating it out.

Treadmill Interval Training
I have been doing HIIT workouts for years because it's so quick and effective. It only takes 20 minutes of your time so you can quickly do it in the morning before work or sneak it in before bedtime. All you need is a treadmill and 20 minutes so I love the simplicity of it. You can read all about the speeds I go and the timing/routine of my workout here or watch the video below. But in short you run then walk and repeat the process over and over. It's really great for getting the heart rate up and burning calories quickly.

Walking the dogs
How much I hate exercise it that it needs to distract me or not feel like exercise. So with Pilates it is relaxing for me and with the treadmill training I distract myself by following time limits etc. So the only real workout I enjoy other than those two are walking the puppers because I get to spend time with them and exercise without feeling like I'm working out. Go for a long walk and don't discredit the great things that walking does for your body. If you have a big dog, you can even run and jog. Since Puffin only has little legs I just walk with him but since I was training for Bridge to Brisbane I've had to workout in preparation a lot more so have to go run without the pupper.

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