Monday, September 25, 2017

Lavender Locks - L'Oreal Colorful Hair

A couple of weeks ago I swapped my regular blonde for lavender locks and wanted to share my experience with the process.

If you follow me over on Instagram you would already be well acquainted with my little purple experiment but I also wanted to do a fully inclusive blog post about the entire process.

I worked with L'Oreal and their new range 'Colorful Hair' and the amazing hairdressing salon FruITion Hair at Wilston to make my purple hair dreams become reality. Let me tell you, with so many gorgeous colour options from the new hair range I was struggling to decide between pink, purple and blue but ultimately thought purple was a safe bet. My thinking was that it isn't too different to toning blonde hair with purple shampoo and for that reason, the fade out of the colour would be a low maintenance process.

So let me talk you through how it all went down... and lots of pictures (obvi).



It was a sunny Brisbane afternoon and I sauntered into FruITion hair at Wilson which is officially now my favourite salon ever and let me tell you why. I was treat to a lovely back massage after getting situated and then offered a glass of champagne...literally heaven.
I then had my hair foiled with half a head of creamy blonde foils. After that we went to the basin to rinse out, tone and treat my hair with Smartbond. Smartbond being the 2 step bond strengthening regime that L'Oreal are the geniuses behind. It is added to the hair colour being used, put on at the basin and it's also in the conditioner that you use from home after your salon visit. The whole premise is to make sure the colouring process doesn't damage you hair so that your locks are left healthy and strong.
Next at the basin it was time to pull out the big guns and applying the purple from the Colorful Hair range. I really wanted an ombre look where the purple would be most prominent at the roots then fade out to a blonde while still running the purple scattered in the ends.
The results were even better than I imagined! I was still definitely blonde so there was a lightness and brightness to the purple but the beautiful lavender was vibrant and so intricate in detail. What I mean is that it was so beautifully done that depending on the type of lighting and section of the hair, you always got something new but beautiful. You can see the mix of different blonde tones and different depths of purple all throughout the hair so it was extremely well done.

Special thanks for L'Oreal and their new Colorful Hair range and FruITion Hair at Wilston for giving my hair some TLC during this purple process. The results were amazing due to their talent and expertise - I couldn't have loved the end colour more.

This post is kindly sponsored by L'Oreal Colorful Hair. 

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