Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Health Goals / Habits To Make This Spring

Spring has sprung and let's get realistic here - we don't have much of a Winter here in Queensland anyway. It also means that we've been having 35 degree weather and I have been making sure to make the most of weekends and soak up the sunshine.

In this post we are taking a holistic approach to health this Spring and talking about healthy habits to get into and goals to make for this Spring season.
Take note of some of these tips or simply use them as inspiration when planning out how you will spend this season.

Wear sunscreen everyday
With the sun out shining this becomes even more important than it already usually is. The sun does invisible damage to the skin so to keep your gorgeous glowy complexion protected, use a heavy duty sunscreen - mine is 50+ yeah it's kind of excessive but no regrets. I put this on under my makeup everyday but when I head to the beach, I slather myself from head to toe.
Take advantage of the in season fruit
Bananas are perfect for making smoothie bowls, loaded protein shakes or fruit salads. Lemons, grapefruit and oranges are perfect for making juice, healthy cocktails or flavoured fruit water. Then just look forward to Summer when pretty much every amazing fruit is in season - including mangoes (I freaking love mangoes).
Spend weekends outside
Spring is such a beautiful time to be spent outside - like from dawn until dusk if I had my way. Especially before it gets into Summer and it's a bit too hot - take advantage of all the sunshine and get in touch with nature. Head to the beach, go on a long walk with the dog, do yoga in your backyard, hike your way up a mountain or simply grab a book and read outside. It's important to get enough of the sunshine vitamin to lead a healthy and happy life.
I try and drink about 4 litres of water everyday to feel my best and this is especially important when spending a lot of time outside and dehydrating between sun and salt water. Make sure you are constantly drinking water to improve clearness in skin, mental clarity and feelings of vitality.
For me Spring is especially all about getting outside, getting active and taking care of your body and the above ways are my favourite methods of doing so.
What are yours?

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