Saturday, October 14, 2017

Don't Set Yourself Up For Fitness Failure

Fitness is fun when you make it, so is healthy eating. But so many people become that strict with themselves, they literally set themselves up for fitness failure. Whether it be due to following an online diet that just doesn’t work for them, or they’re trying to copy the unrealistic diets of celebrities. Finding the perfect balance for you will help reach every goal you intend to. Follow this advice to help you become a fitness success.

Set Goals

Don’t just jump into an intensive fitness regime without setting some solid goals. You need to have an achievable target, or everything you’re doing won’t seem worthwhile. Firstly, set a target weight goal. Whether you’re trying to gain weight, muscle, or lose weight, it needs to be realistic. Try doing monthly targets. So, for example, in a month set yourself the goal of losing 4 lb's, and sticking to clean eating for two out of the four weeks. When you achieve such a realistic goal, it’ll give you the boost you need to keep going. Setting the bar too high is setting yourself up for failure. When you see you haven’t got where you wish to be, you’re more likely to give up and return to the old you. Try joining groups that help you monitor your weight, and can give you some solid guidance about what you need to do reach your goal.

Food & Supplements

Food is key. Supplements are just a bonus on top of that that will help you get where you need to be. Without these two key components, you really will become a fitness failure. Find the right diet that works for you. Some people really believe the smoothie and shake diet works for them. It is a tasty and easy alternative, but you need to remember to couple it with your food intake. Otherwise, when you stop the smoothies and return to regular eating, you’ll pile on all the weight again. This is a popular diet with the celebs, and it is proved to work in the short term. So if you’ve got a holiday or wedding coming up for example this is the one for you. Supplements also work great alongside this diet. You may lose a few vitamins or minerals due to the lack of meats, and the less varied diets. Check out the Sportsfuel Supplements and replace the one’s you’ll be missing. Be careful not to malnourish yourself with this one. Once you’ve nailed the diet, the fitness side of it is easy. Just take your time, and introduce a new routine slowly, work yourself up from the bottom.

Take Inspiration

Not from celebs. Celebs have unrealistic diets, they have all their food prepped for them, and they have professional trainers better than the one’s the average joe’s money can buy. Search for social media accounts of people just like you, who have achieved what they want to. They’ll have so many inspirational stories, and can really guide you through. Try motivating friends to get into the same routine as you. Having someone doing it with you is more motivational than you realise.

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