Monday, October 16, 2017

Minimalism Monday - Getting Rid of Your Filing Cabinet

I used to be someone who would keep every single document, thinking I would need it later. As such I ended up with a massive 3 draw filming cabinet exploding with papers.

I recently tackled what was the huge task of sifting through every single document and only keeping the necessary ones so that I could get rid of my filing cabinet and swap to a small document wallet to file my papers.

It may seem like something small but honestly, not carrying around all of that excess baggage has made such a huge difference in my minimalism lifestyle.

From this experience I picked up a few tips so if you currently have a pile of documents on your desk or a filing cabinet that is completely full then read on for my tips on how to be left with a small, neat document wallet.

Paperless billing
Let's stop the problem right here so it at least doesn't get any worse. Login to your bank, super annuation, work account...anywhere that is currently sending you letters and swap it to paperless so that you receive electronic versions and emails instead.

You really don't need it
When I was going through my filing cabinet I couldn't believe all of the crap I had held onto that you really don't need. Old bank statements? You have archives online. Details of your super? Online and in emails! Prescriptions that are out of date and receipts for things you don't even own anymore? Seriously. There is so much paperwork lying around that you likely really don't need.

Let sentimental things go
It's lovely to keep old movie tickets or brochures from when you went on holiday but aren't memories enough? You are really weighing yourself down keeping an excessive amount of these sorts of things and holding onto them only because of the sentimental meaning. If it doesn't bring you joy and it's something you never look at - just toss it out. Same goes for old University assignments and other things that don't serve a purpose now because of how far advanced you are compared to those old examples of your work.

Filing cabinet to document wallet
The aim here is to get your documents down to such a small amount that they will all fit in a document wallet and you can sell/give away your filing cabinet. Wouldn't it be a great feeling to get rid of that giant piece of junk taking up so much of your space? Throwing these things out is so well worth it.

I know it seems like a daunting task...I put off doing it for months. Once I finally got around to it and really go stuck into the project it felt so cleansing and freeing to go through years worth of documents and fill up a recycling bin with all of the crap I didn't need anymore. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Besides, now I don't have to sift through years of documents to get to the ones I need. I only have the recent and relevant documents that I actually will refer to and use.

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