Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Vitamins I Take Everyday

It's so important to take care of your health and sometimes you can't get everything you need through food so that is where supplements come in handy.

I have a small number of daily vitamins that I take to add certain minerals and oils into my diet. These are my tried and tested favourites that I notice the difference with so read on to find out.

Iron is essential to your energy levels, brain activity and quality of sleep. I take quite a heavy duty iron tablet with 325mg of ferrous sulfate and 562mg of sodium ascorbate. I started taking these originally due to being vegetarian and iron deficient but have carried on using them because of how they efficiently top up my iron levels and I feel great when this is the case.

Flaxseed Oil
This is my preference over fish oil, which originally was due to being vegetarian and is now out of habit. Essentially they are the same thing though and are all about getting your daily dose of Omega-3's. The brand I like to go with is Melrose and I take the capsule form but also have used the liquid version.

Hair, Skin + Nails
After trying a few of these body and beauty tablets I have found that the Swisse version gives me the best results. The tablets contain 2.6mg of biotin, 40mg of silicon, 30mg of zinc as well as added iron, Vitamin C and St. Mary's Thistle. This beauty formula uses minerals to support collagen production and help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Benefits include collagen production, radiant skin, glossy hair and healthy/strong nails.

To get in my daily dose of magnesium I take the effervescent tablets that often contain many other vitamins and minerals. I also just take the magnesium drinks on their own and this of course assists with bone health, heart health and even anxiety. It puts your body at ease, assists with many functions and improves quality of sleep.

Probiotics are all about balancing the good bacteria in your body. Bad bacteria can build up through too much drinking alcohol, eating excessively fatty foods and even just pollution in the environment. Balancing those bad bacteria with the good ones is essential for a healthy body.

Ladies, get on this. Cranberry is amazing for women and prevents a whole lot of uncomfortable things from happening down there such as a bacteria build up that causes UTI's.

This is a high dose of Vitamin B3 which assists in DNA repair and skin health. It's another beauty tablet similar to the Hair, Skin + Nails but attacking the issue from a different angle.

Branch Chain Amino Acids are perfect for anyone who lives a very active lifestyle and is into exercise. It basically metabolizes in your body to ensure that your workout burns fat and not muscle.

B12 - I also take B12 shots every few months to top of my levels which has a huge impact on energy and the way you feel.

So those are all of the vitamins I take daily, other than the B12 which is on a monthly basis. I am looking to add to my supplements though so will definitely be taking a trip to chemist warehouse soon to stock up on some new vitamins.

I understand this might sound a bit excessive taking 8, sometimes more separate supplements each day sounds like a lot but it just works for me and I have never felt better. It's all about trialing new things and seeing what works for you.

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