Saturday, November 4, 2017

Bath & Body Works - Top 3 Favourite Fragrance Mists

Only very recently has Bath and Body Works made it to Aussie shores and now that I have a store local to me I find myself wandering in there almost every time I walk past.

If you have ever been in a Bath and Body works you will understand the struggle of walking passed the rows of mists wanting to smell them all but it's impossible without having a sneezing fit. I have compiled by 3 favourite scents so far from the brand so that you can narrow down your search next time.

Before we get into the three picks, I just quickly want to talk about the product generally. The Fragrance Mists are a staple from Bath & Body Works for a light and delicate scent. They are affordable, easy to spray on and have a decent lasting formula.
Melon Cucumber is a light and refreshing Summer scent. It has the crisp cucumber smell mixed with sweet melon for a beautifully balanced fragrance.
Brown Sugar and Fig is a deeper and more complex scent. You have the fruity depth of the fig mixed with sweet brown sugar. This is a definite Winter scent that reminds you of pumpkin spice lattes and reading by the fire. 
Freesia is a very unique and different scent. It's quite neutral and clean but has complicated floral notes that add depth to the scent. This is a good one if you want something very different and out of the ordinary.
I hope this has narrowed down the choices a bit more for you and gives you a foolproof shopping list for scents that smell amazing from Bath and Body Works if you often find you have trouble deciding on what to get from there. 

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