Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dress to Impress on Your Glamorous First Date

If you are going on a glamorous first date, perhaps to a classy restaurant or a very exclusive bar, then you will need to dress to impress. Choosing the right dress, makeup and shoes may not be the be all and end all to the perfect date, but we all know that wearing something beautiful makes us look and feel a million dollars.

Here’s our advice.

The Dress

It all comes down to which cocktail dress you choose. There are so many styles, shapes and colors of cocktail dresses to choose from, finding the perfect one takes a little bit of digging. A maxi dress is always a good option because it is not too revealing and yet off the shoulder styles or a gap in the skirt will do just enough to feel sexy.

While lots of cocktail dresses look just amazing when you are standing up, don’t forget that you might want to sit down on this date too! A statuesque figure is, of course, what we all aim for, but not breathing while you try to eat your starter isn’t really an option on the first date. Some dresses have rouched bodices or wraparound material that still gives you the silhouette you want as you stand but relaxes when you sit for that extra comfort.

The Shoes

Once you have chosen the ideal dress, you need to turn your attention to the right shoes. Color matching is almost impossible unless you are staying in the same shop so try out different matching colors. If you can find shoes that match your skin tone, this is a great compromise. Not only will you make your legs appear to be much longer than they are, you will also be certain that your dress will look gorgeous with them on. After all, if your skin tone matches, why wouldn't the shoes?

If your dress is more subtle, you could take the opportunity to go all out on footwear. With so many styles of shoes around a little bit of experimentation is called for. You might want to trial a more masculine shoe against a soft dress to create interesting contrast, for example. The only real rule here is that you can walk in your shoes without falling over. No one wants to see that!

The Hair and Makeup

Your dress won't only decide on your shoes, it will also dictate the sort of makeup you should go for. A dramatic dress really requires dramatic makeup, whereas a softer dress may look better with more natural makeup with a focus on lip color.

When you do your hair, consider whether there are any features of your dress that you would like to highlight. For example, if your dress has a plunge at the back, pull your hair up off your neck to make the most of that drama. If your dress has a detailed skirt, however, leaving your hair loose and long will draw the eye downwards to this detail.

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