Wednesday, November 8, 2017

From Tomboy To Girly Girl

Are you more interested in what’s going on out on the pitch than with what you look like? Maybe you can’t be bothered taking the time to do your hair or makeup, and are pretty happy rushing out the door as you are? If so, it sounds like you are a bit of a tomboy.

There’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy, of course - in fact some models like Cara Delevigne have even carved out a career by being one! But sometimes it is nice to get in touch with your girly side and dress yourself up a bit.

Ready to try out a new girly girl look? Here are some tips to bring out your feminine side.


Go For Tinted Makeup

You might find that wearing makeup comes as a bit of a shock at first if you don’t normally wear it. Rather than going for some bold colors and shades, that could look quite overwhelming, it’s a better idea to wear tinted makeup. This is especially the case on your eyes and lips, where you might be tempted to go overboard with some really bright colors. Tinted makeup will add some sheer color to your face, and is an easy step to take before you embrace bright makeup.


Most tomboys don’t take too much attention to their skin. If this sounds like you, then there is a good chance your skin hasn’t seen any moisturizer in a very long time. Thankfully, this is easy to remedy, as you just need to start moisturizing! Once you do start applying moisturizer, you will find that your skin becomes a lot smoother and softer. It will even be easier to apply your makeup.


Add Florals

If you check websites like the Mason Jar Boutique, you will see that there are lots of floral prints on their dresses and tops. It’s a traditionally girly pattern, so you might want to add some florals to your own wardrobe. As with makeup, it’s probably best not to choose some really bold floral prints to start off with. Start off with some subtle patterns and then, once you gain a bit more confidence, you can take things one step further with some bolder prints.

Hair Care

Not many tomboys are all that bothered about their hair or its health. If your hair hasn't had any proper TLC over the past few years, it’s a good idea to treat it to a restorative hair mask. This can put plenty of nutrients back into it and get it back up to top condition. It’s then important that you get shampoo that matches your hair type so that you don’t make it too oily or dry when you wash it. Invest in some top-quality styling products so that you can then make it look amazing before you leave the house!
Have you now been inspired to add a bit more femininity to your look? Hopefully, all of these tips will help you make the switch from tomboy to girly girl!

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Kerry Schultz said...

There are many stages that you have to go through if you really want to do a makeover of yourself. Well you have got the perfect guide and the tips for that.