Saturday, December 23, 2017

Packing For An Overseas Trip - Travelling 101

It's crunch time for me with less than a week left before I head over to Vietnam. 

I've been so preoccupied with all the logistics of travelling (getting a Visa for Vietnam is actually a really complicated process) so I haven't stopped to think about packing at all. 

Packing is important because you don't want to overpack and carry a whole heap of crap around with you but also you don't want to forget anything... So you need a game plan!

These are the biggest tips that I have learnt from my experience while travelling that I wanted to share with you ion case you have an upcoming trip! You might even just be heading home for the holidays but these tips will still help. 

Lightweight Luggage
As nice as a beautiful designer suitcase is - leather is heavy. There are so many amazing super lightweight options out there when it comes to your main piece of luggage. Make sure the weight of your luggage is due to the things inside, not just the suitcase.

Pack snacks
I'm someone who gets hungry every 30 minute so having to rely on someone else to feed me whenever I'm on a plane is not a great idea. I like to pack protein bars and snacks in case I'm feeling hungry or don't like something they are serving on the plane. 

Things to definitely bring 
You definitely need an adaptor so that you can use all of your regular electronics in the foreign country you're travelling to. Also what comes in handy is an extra long charging cable for your phone because hotel rooms always put the plugs in such inconvenient positions. 

Things definitely not to bring
If it's a beach holiday trust me when I say that you don't need to pack heels. On that note, any holiday at all does not require the amount of heels you think it does. You just don't use them! Same case for bags too. 

Again if it's a beach holiday, don't bring anything too nice! I'm packing one really nice dress for Vietnam in case I'm going somewhere on Christmas or New Years Eve where I need to dress up. With a beauty holiday though, chances are you'll be sweating half the time with shorts on and living in thongs. 

Leave room in your suitcase to fit any shopping you might do overseas.
You're in a new country where you have access to items you normally might not or where things might be cheaper. You're bound to do at least a little bit of shopping so to make sure you don't struggle trying to zip up your suitcase or have it be overweight, pack a bit less in preparation. 

Use packing cubes
Packing cubes are great for organising things into sections and compartments. I'm a super organised person and the idea of having everything randomly mixed together in a suitcase doesn't work for me. I need sections and bags separating different categories to give myself a sense of order. Like packing all of your electronic cables in one separate bag. 

Plan to do washing
If you are gone for over a week, there is no way you can pack enough clothes to last the whole trip and chances are you will need to stop and do some washing while there. This can just about halve the amount of clothes you will need to pack. 

Those are my quick tips for packing for an overseas trip, I hope they helped!

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