Thursday, February 1, 2018

3 Amazing Hacks To Detangle Long Hair In An Instant

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There are many things about girls that guys just don’t understand. One of those is that we do 
tend to have a love affair with long hair. This confuses them as they don’t get why we’d want hair 
that’s hard to maintain all the time. I mean, let’s face it, as lovely as long hair is, it causes way 
more problems than shorter hair. The main one being that it ends up tangled all the time, no 
matter what. So, we spend ages tearing at our hair with a brush, trying to get all the knots out. 

As you can imagine, this isn’t really good for the health of our hair! So, here are some alternative 
ideas that will detangle long hair almost instantly:

Use Your Hands

What’s the first thing we reach for whenever we see knots in our hair? That’s right, our trust old 
hairbrush. While this is an effective tool for getting rid of tangled hair, it’s not the best solution.
 I’ve already mentioned how it’s not great for the health or our hair as we often rip loads out. 
So, the alternative idea is using your hands to untangle your hair. You’ll be surprised at how easy 
it is to get rid of some big knots just by using your fingers. Plus, doing so is far less strenuous 
on your hair, meaning you will rip less out, and do minimal damage. Then, you can go back over 
it lightly with a brush, ensuring it’s properly untangled and undamaged.

Condition Your Hair Daily

Many of us don’t like washing our hair every day as it can cause it to become more greasy over 
time. However, this only happens if you use shampoo. Instead, wash your hair but only use 
conditioner on some days. This will help detangle your hair as it becomes nice and lubricated 
while you’re in the shower. There are loads of great conditioning options out there, but it’s found 
that a leave-in conditioner works best for detangling. When combined with water, it leaves your 
hair nice and sleek, completely removing all your knots in an instant. This is a really quick and
 easy way to rid yourself of knots when you wake up with badly tangled hair.

Wear Your Hair In A Ponytail/Braid Before Bed

One of the easiest ways to detangle long hair is to ensure it doesn’t tangle in the first place. 
The way we sleep plays a huge role in this, with many of us going to bed with smooth hair, and 
waking up with a knotted mess. You can avoid this by wearing your hair in a loose braid or 
ponytail while you sleep. This keeps your hair nice and neat, and you will wake up tangle-free! 
At the very least, this can cut your morning routine in half, and make sure you’re not late every 
single day.

Try my tips if you’re always struggling with knotted hair. I’d say this advice is aimed at people 
with long hair, but you can still use the tips if you have short hair too - it’s just that people with 
longer hair tend to have this problem more than others. Regardless, you should see instant 
changes to how tangled and knotted your hair is.

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