Monday, February 12, 2018

3 Easy Minimalist Lifestyle Tips - Minimalism Monday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about minimalism and my journey to living a minimalistic lifestyle! It’s definitely not because I have lost inspiration with it so I thought I would give you an update of where I’m at with everything and throw in some tips that have helped me along the way.

They don’t lie when they say that the state of your home has a huge impact on your state of mind and especially with my organised personality; if everything is organised in my house then everything is clear in my head and I’m able to work more efficiently.

Once you have culled your wardrobe from all of the obvious like items that don’t fit, aren’t in fashion or are too worn out, it can be difficult to continue the culling process. Especially when you are face to face with a beautiful and expensive dress that has nothing wrong with it other than the fact that you probably won’t wear it again. In this case what helps me the most is knowing that if I donate it to Vinnies, Lifeline or Salvos they can sell it and raise funds for people in need. It not only takes the edge off feeling like you wasted money but it also makes you feel really good inside knowing you are giving back somehow.

There have been a few times this year where I have a perfectly good piece of furniture that I just don’t want anymore or a decorative lamp that I have now replaced with a Himalayan salt lamp and instead of storing those items I’ve decided to sell them. Put them up on eBay or Gumtree for a really reasonable price and you will feel so good when someone takes these no longer wanted items off your hands, and you make a little money back as well. If they are in great condition then not only can you help someone else out by giving them a really discounted price on a good quality item but you get to clear out your home to experience better feng shui.

While you may have culled a lot of your things and now don’t have an excess of belongings, it can still feel like you do if they are laying in eye sight everywhere. Once of the most dramatic differences I have noticed is clearing my living spaces such as benchtops, bedside tables and bathrooms. I only keep out the stuff that I use on a daily basis and know I will need easy access too otherwise I organise them and pack them away. One of the best examples I have of this is my vanity because I would have an excess amount of spare makeup in a draw set that I would never dig into so I have now packed that away and only have my daily makeup sitting out. All these small things make a surprisingly big difference.  

So between, donating, selling and clearing out my home spaces I have noticed a dramatic improvement to my lifestyle and have been really seeing the benefits of minimalism.

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