Monday, February 19, 2018

The Best Organisational Apps Guide

We all know how amazing living in the digital age is for those who love planning and being organised. But apps to keep you organised makes it that much better because it means that everything only takes literally one tap to access.

So I wanted to share with you the best apps I know of and use for organising my life, business, time, career, diet, passwords, wardrobe and more. Have your whole life organised on your phone, that’s my motto (not really, I just made that up but it kind of has a ring to it).

Alright let’s get into it then shall we…

An app that gives you your entire wardrobe at your fingertips – I’m in! This one is not only great if you like to plan out your outfits but it’s also a fantastic way of knowing exactly what is hanging in your wardrobe when you are shopping so that you don’t buy anything unnecessary.

Keeping hard copies of your receipts is so 5 years ago, at least! I’m not denying the importance of keeping them, especially for big purchases, but why clutter up a shoe box or your office desk with them? Storing receipts on your phone is a great way of going paperless. You can use things like ‘Office Lens’ or ‘Scannable’ for a free experience or purchase apps like Receipt Bank that do charge you based on how many receipts you want to upload.

I live and die by my password apps that are fantastic for keeping track of every single one of your passwords, with their security protected by your fingerprint. You can categorise them however you want but I like keeping it simple with sections like ‘email accounts’, ‘work’, ‘subscriptions’ etc. It also has a search function so it’s super simple to navigate. I have the worst memory when it comes to passwords so this app allows me to have a different password for every account and easily keep track of them. 

Alright, it’s about to get a bit detailed with how organised I am but LADIES you need to know about this app because it is amazing. It tracks everything to do with your cycle allowing you to track your symptoms throughout the month and even predicts when you will be getting your period (really takes the guess work out of everything). With all this data you put in you are able to identify patterns like maybe you are really irritable a week before your period or maybe you get really hungry the week before your period – I don’t know it could be anything. But this information allows you to not schedule in things like family time when you will be irritable or not be so strict on yourself when your body is craving more food.

This is a good countdown calendar for fun or important dates you want to keep track of like a holiday or your boyfriend’s birthday. If you use your calendar like I do, to track every single hour in the day, sometimes these personal reminders can get a bit lost.

So those are my favourite organisational apps to store all of the information I need and add value to my life in terms of organisation. I’m always on the search for the latest and greatest apps that can boost my productivity so if you have some recommendations, please do let me know!  

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