Friday, February 23, 2018

3 Easy Ways To Futureproof Your Body


None of us are getting any younger… But your body doesn’t need to know that! 

There was a time when we had to resign ourselves to the ravages of age, assuming that 
when the time came we would have to bear with grace and dignity. Fortunately, we know a lot 
more about the human body and how it works, as well as how we can make the healthy and 
sensible lifestyle choices today that will see us reap the dividends tomorrow. Here are some 
natural solutions to keep your body fit, healthy and youthful… whatever your age. Not only will 
you look fantastic, you’ll also keep your body in peak health, keeping disease and infirmity at bay.

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Think fast!

Intermittent fasting has been in and out of the news for years now, but while it has its detractors,
 the science behind it is actually pretty solid. It operates on the principle that we have evolved as
 hunters, gatherers and foragers and as such our bodies have not evolved to cope with the 
steady influx of calories available to us in modern times. Intermittent fasting advocates a 
sensible, balanced diet but prescribes that you should keep your caloric intake limited to an 
8 hour window every day, the rest of the day should be spent fasting. You should drink plenty of 
water (black tea or coffee are fine too) and take a small dose of a healthy fat like a teaspoon of 
coconut oil every now and then to combat cravings. Not only does this help to facilitate weight 
loss it has other benefits including…

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia
  • Stronger insulin sensitivity
  • Increased growth hormone production

Say no to sag!

Nothing ages a woman faster than when her two best friends start to droop on her. 
There are a number of ways in which you can deal with this even if your budget isn’t 
conducive to calling Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe for a consultation. Your bra is your best friend 
when it comes to preventing or mitigating sagging, so make sure that yours fits properly. 
Building up your pectoral muscles with push ups, bench presses and flies will also help to
 tighten up your chest. Make sure that you drink plenty of water, exfoliate regularly and eat lots 
of the foods that will help to aid your skin’s elasticity.  

Turn down the toxins (and power up with plants)

The odd candy bar and glass of wine isn’t going to break the bank, but years spent loading 
up on toxins can take their toll, causing your body to age prematurely. Needless to say, cutting 
down and alcohol and quitting smoking should be on your itinerary but you should also think 
twice about your consumption of processed foods. A whole foods, plant based diet is one of 
the best ways to keep the signs of aging at bay by loading your body with natural nutrients. The 
former supermodel Christine Brinkley (61) insists that her vegan lifestyle has kept her looking 
young, and looking at how little she’s changed over the past four decades it’s hard to argue 
against her.

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