Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Behind the Desk - Massive Life Updates! Moving! Job! Graduating Uni + More

I always feel like I’ve had a semi-quiet month but then I look back and I’m like woah hold up did I really do all those things?!

Yeah another one like that because this month I went to Sydney, attended THREE concerts, attended the YouTube creator day, have been a busy bee at work / with my own company and also having something HUGE in the works.

Not only that but I'll be moving this week and graduating University shortly - it's all happening.

So strap in because I’m going to fill you in on each of these awesome things going on...

Moving House
So the biggest thing currently going on in my life is that I am moving house. My boyfriend and I are really excited to get into the new place and set everything up. I'm going with a modern Scandinavian décor theme with light woods, creamy whites, variations of grey with pops of light pink and rose gold. I will definitely be keeping you updated with the progress and showing you awesome home / décor finds as I come across them and show you how I decorate the new place.

Sydney Trip
Firstly, if you missed the visual diary I pulled together on the Sydney trip then you can check it out here. I went for a mix of business and pleasure, meeting with some AMAZING makeup and skincare companies but also attending the Randwick Races.

It feels like ages ago now but I also attended the YouTube Creator Day in Brisbane where I brushed up on my video making skills. I’m very proud to say that I have now made a comeback on my channel!! You can check out all my latest videos going up here. I am super passionate about video-making and editing so I am very happy to be back and sharing content with you all.

Finishing my Masters
I’m also in the very final stages of my masters degree and I have officially submitted my final assessment to graduate! I have steadily been working on my major project throughout this year, chipping away at it every week so I’m not too stressed but I am feeling the pressure. It ties into a very exciting HUGE project that I’m working on as well so it holds a lot of meaning for me and I’m very excited to see how it’s received by my university.

Dream Job Update
You might also remember I said I landed a dream job so I am pleased to report that I am LOVING my role. I recently planned and hosted a huge brand relaunch with the company and it was a huge success so I’m still riding on the high from that.

Concerts - Halsey, Lana and Missy
Somehow I managed to make it to 3 incredible concerts recently – LANA DEL FREAKING REY (bucket list stuff), Halsey (I went into the concert liking her and went out IN LOVE with her) and Missy Higgins (an Aussie icon, need I say more).

So Lana was even better than I thought she would be live – her powerful voice was unwavering and so incredible to hear live. It was one of those amazing experiences I have had on my bucket list for a while so seeing my all time favourite female artist IRL was pretty epic.

The surprising one was Halsey because while I love her stuff, I didn’t expect to love HER. Despite being so young she was so incredibly wise and shared some awesome life stories throughout the show. What I loved most was how down to earth she was and what an incredible positive influence I think she is on young girls.

Also I know I said “need I say more” about Missy Higgins but she’s actually gone down an interesting path musically recently. In her latest album she sounds like a mix between Lana, Halsey (I know right – full circle) and The xx. That dramatic, melancholy echo sound that Lana sort of invented (as being popular and radio-play anyway) is now rubbing off on a lot of other artists and I am definitely not complaining.

So that’s all from me and everything I’ve been up to. As always, I’d love to hear from you! Connect with me on social (I’m on Instagram way more than I would like to admit) or leave me a comment here.

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