Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Exercise Doesn't Have to be Expensive: Get Fit Without Breaking The Bank

The health market has really taken off in recent years, and you can now buy all kinds of incredible products to help you on your journey to good health. From superfood powders to protein bars, top of the range blenders and juicers to make your own nutritious drinks and high end gyms containing every piece of fitness equipment you’d ever need. While many of these things can be great, it’s important to remember that actually- living healthily doesn’t have to cost much at all. Exercise especially in many cases can be free, as fabulous as a kitted out gym can be there are lots of other ways to get in shape.

Maybe you’re very unfit and wanting to start from scratch, building up a foundation level of fitness first and then going on to push yourself. Perhaps you’re already pretty active but want to improve your health. You might already be super fit and wanting to keep your endurance levels high- whatever stage you’re at it’s important to know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on exercise if you don’t want to. Often, once you have the right clothing and some simple equipment, your workouts are free from there. Here are some ideas.
Of course if you want to go biking, you will need a bike. If you don’t have one already you could see if you could borrow one from a friend- many people have bicycles sat unloved in sheds and garages. If not, check classified sites and see if you can find a cheap bike second hand. Once you have that, you can exercise for free and it’s fun too! You can see the sights, and even use it to get around as it’s quicker than walking- and you’re not wasting fuel in your car.
Outdoor Sport
Lots of parks and recreational centres have outdoor courts that are free to use. How about rounding up your friends and playing a regular game of basketball? You can buy cheap Jordans so your footwear doesn’t need to cost a bomb, then all you need is a basketball. Other options are tennis, badminton, football and cricket- have a look and see what kind of free or cheap facilities are close to you. If you can’t round up enough friends, sign up for a team and its a chance to meet new people too.
Workout From Home
When you exercise from home you have privacy, and there’s no need to travel anywhere. You could of course invest in exercise equipment but there’s plenty you can do for cheap or free. How about skipping, hula hooping or bodyweight exercises? You could follow along to a free workout online, Youtube has lots of them. If you have a games console such as a Wii, these come with loads of fitness games which are a fun way to get yourself moving and the whole family can join in.
Being active is a lifestyle, it’s not all about spending lots of money on products and attending fancy gyms. Getting up and going for a walk, playing sports with friends and hopping on your bike instead of driving or getting a taxi are all choices you can make that will boost your fitness.


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