Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why You Should Take Yourself on Sushi Dates

I went through a stage towards the end of last year where I really wanted to boost my confidence. I found the thing that made me feel most confident was being independent and what worked best for me was spending time on my own doing my own thing.

My experience was the more I did on my own, the more capable I felt and this really boosted my confidence. It’s extremely empowering knowing that you don’t need anyone’s help to get things done and that you can make yourself happy.

Which is why I’m saying - you should take yourself on more sushi dates.

Not only because salmon is like…seriously good for you.

But because you should do the things that make you happy. You are in control of your own happiness so it is pretty much up to you…no actually, it is quite literally your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure you do the things that make you happy.

It doesn’t have to be sushi ok? It could be going to a park and reading a book or getting up 20 minutes earlier so you can sit in the cafĂ© and drink your coffee rather than get it takeaway before work.

These are moments to spend time with your thoughts, check in with how you are feeling and get to know yourself. I mean the you that you truly are, not who you are around colleagues or your mum or anyone who has standards of you that you feel obligated to uphold.

Wow. We’re getting deep. 
Back to avocado rolls.

Being alone with your thoughts is the best way to get to know yourself so doing these things alone, without engaging in conversation with someone else or having their opinions influence yours constantly, allows you to become more comfortable with yourself. This comfort is what leads to confidence. Confidence in who you are, what you think, your abilities and what you like / don’t like. Also you get to make sure you are doing those things you really want to and making time in your schedule to factor in time for you.

You also get to do the things you really want to do and put yourself as a priority – bonus.

Put a start to these solo adventures by following these easy steps;

1. Sit down and write a list of all the things you love to do that make you happy. Is it going to the beach? Reading in the park? Trying new restaurants? List anything that comes to mind that you love doing, especially those things that don’t interest your boyfriend or family so otherwise might not make time for.

2. Get out your calendar and schedule in this solo time. If it’s not in the calendar with time allocated and locked in, you risk that it might not happen.

3. Show up! Make sure that you follow through on these plans with yourself – be present and enjoy it.

Now let’s take a bit of a step back – I’m not saying be a total recluse or refuse hanging out with your boyfriend or sister. I’m just saying set aside some time to spend on your own because I’ve found that it’s pretty important in self discovery and boosting your confidence.

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