Friday, June 8, 2018

How To Get Clear Skin - My Skincare Routine

I have been skincare mad recently – like 10x more into skincare than I am into makeup. I’ve been making it a priority to stick to my routine morning and night so I want to share with you the products that I have found that really work for my skin. 

Prepare yourself for a long list of products! But I think this will be quite helpful because know that I have tried and tested SOOO much skincare in my time and these are the absolute faves that I know actually work! So you can easily trust that any product on this list is high quality and I have well researched / trialled on my skin.

Watch me apply my skincare routine on camera here or keep reading for the written version…


Ice Roller 
I will be doing a whole separate post on how I like to use an ice-roller but this is a great way to kick off your skincare routine because it decreases puffiness, wakes you up, shrinks your pores and is the perfect prep for your skincare or makeup routine.

Garnier Micellar Water 
If I’m wearing makeup I remove it with this amazing product where any type of makeup, even waterproof, doesn’t stand a chance. This means that my cleaner or toner can really cut through to my skin rather than just removing makeup.

Mary Kay Moisture Renewing Softener 
I have never been a huge toner fan but this one works great for me because it’s not overly drying and removed any remaining makeup that might still be on my skin. I feel like this starts my off with a really clear canvas to work with and have the rest of my products soak in well to.


Obagi Professional C Serum
Vitamin C is INCREDIBLE in a skincare routine and I can’t rave about this product enough because I seriously notice the difference in the texture and elasticity of my skin by using this high strength Vitamin C product. Your skin has to adapt to this product first so you will notice it goes tacky for a bit when you first start using it. Also remember less is more with this product.

Skinstitut Rejuvenate Serum
This retinol-based product is like a soothing gel on the skin and helps with the brightness and tightness. I have heard from skincare professionals that the mix of Vitamin C and retinol with mean you age really well so I have religiously been using a combination of the two.

Skinstitut Multi Active Oil
If I am in the mood for a face oil, this is the one I will turn to. I often don’t like to use it because it doesn’t work well under makeup and makes my hair a bit oily if I sleep with it but the results are well worth it. I wake up with baby soft skin. Biologi Eye Serum This luxuriously silky oil is the perfect undereye treatment or for any fine lines you have on any part of your face.

Loreal Revitalift Eye Serum
This is a creamier eye serum so it depends what kind of mood I’m in and what I think my skin needs. I find the quality of this one isn’t as great as Biologi but it provides a different experience.


Clinique Moisture Surge 
First of all, this is an incredible primer for before makeup as well as being extremely velvety and hydrating despite the lightweight texture. Trust me, the hype is true for this product and definitely worth trying.

Skintitut Repair Balm 
This is a really heavy-duty balm so perfect for really dry skin to the point where it will sting a bit because it’s repairing the dry skin so immediately.

Skintitut Moisture Defence Ultra Dry 
This is a little more on the creamy side than the repair balm which is more of an ointment consistency.

Napoleon Perdis Moisturising Balm 
This luxuriously soft and thin balm is slowly making it’s way into my routine.


Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery
This is an awesome mask for injecting vitamins and nutrients into your skin for a plumping result. This is definitely a mask where you can see noticeable effects to the look and feel of your skin straight up.

Sand and Sky Mask 
This brightening mask shrinks pores and lightens the skin for a dewy fresh-faced look. If you want to hear more about the ins and outs of this product as well as see how it works in action, I have done a whole blog post and video on it which you can check out here.

Skinstiut Enzymatic Micro Peel 
This gentle, fruit-based peel is great for a skin refresh because it works on removing any dead skin for the surface layer and you are left with a glowy fresh faced look.

Skinstiut Hydrating Mask 
The perfect soothing gel that injects moisture into your skin and leaves your skin super soft. This is perfect for the winter and a night refreshing mask to leave on for an hour or so while you’re home on the weekend. Sunscreen I would highly recommend sunscreen as something you put on every single day to prevent premature ageing and protect your skin from damage. I think this is a super important step of any skincare / makeup routine and I make sure to apply daily even though I work in an office.


SunSense Daily Face (50+)
This one has a thin consistency and is a bit tinted perfect for those no makeup days while still keeping your skin protected.

Skinstiut Age Defence (50+)
A bit thicker than the SunSense one but works really well as primer.

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