Tuesday, August 28, 2018

5 Money + Time Saving Beauty Hacks to Reach Your Financial Goals

Beauty is one of the categories in the budget where money can just dissapear. I mean, you can't help it right? 

You need to be hairless, except the hair on your head must be flawless and you also need your nails done. Then you've got makeup, skincare and things like eyelash extensions to pay for! It can get a little out of hand. So here are 5 beauty tips that will save you both time AND money allowing you reach your budget goals.

IPL instead of waxing
Waxing is a semi-permanent solution whereas IPL is a fairly long term solution. Investing in permanent hair removal not only saves you endless waxing appointments but also a lot of money! Just 8-10 sessions of IPL can leave you hair free for years and you no longer have to stop into the clinic for a wax every 3 weeks. It’s one of those things that I put off doing for years but now I’m kicking myself I didn’t do it sooner.

Taking care of your hair colour
A HUGE expense as a woman is our hair and trips to the salon! You can save so many hair dressing appointments by just ensuring you take care of your hair at home. If you are a brunette, you can use products that nourish your hair colour and reduce its fading. These high quality products may be an investment at first but if it means 3 trips less to the salon each year, you’re saving many hundreds…maybe even thousands. As for my blondes, toning with a purple shampoo will keep your blonde light and sparkling. Also opting for a low maintence blonde is super simple. Just avoid platinum, opting for a warmer natural blonde and break up your highlights with your natural colour so that re-growth isn’t as obvious.

Invest in skincare
While it may seem counterproductive to be telling you to go out and buy nice skincare but I am a true believing in investing when it counts. Instead of buying numerous potions and lotions from the drugstore, investing in a high quality face wash, mask, serum and moisturiser will satisfy all of your skins needs. The importance of this is having a nourished and healthy base to apply your makeup so that you need less foundation and less concealer, thus saving money in cosmetics. You’ll also find a little goes a long way with high quality skincare and you will be buying a lot less random moisturisers and the latest serum release.

Drugstore Makeup
I went through a huge stage, in HIGH SCHOOL of all times, where I would only wear Chanel foundation and mascara – what a brat. I just loved the confidence that high end items gave me but spending hundreds of dollars on basics that need to be replaced so often meant a wasted a LOT of money. You go through so much mascara and foundation that the difference between a $30 and $90 option saves you HUNDREDS and hundreds of dollars a year. Drugstore mascaras are great, in fact I think they are better than high end ones for the most part. As for foundations, I do love my IT Cosmetics, I still love my Chanel and Bobbi Brown creates such a flawless finish BUT I keep these foundations for special occasions. So on a daily basis you will find me wearing Rimmel, L’Oreal and Maybelline. I actually love lighter options on my skin for daily use because I invest so much in my skincare, I don’t want to cover up its natural texture.

Weigh Up Eyelash Extensions
As much as I love the eyelash extensions I have over the years; they don’t seem to be a sustainable option long term. They are both time consuming and financially draining costing hundreds per appointment and hours on the beauty table – to last only a month or so. Micro fibre mascaras or fake lashes achieve a pretty similar result and while you save time not having to apply these when you have extensions, it’s likely less than the hours it takes to put them on in the first place. I’m a little conflicted about this one but thought I would mention it just because I can see you saving a lot of money and time by not having eyelash extensions.

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