Friday, August 24, 2018

About My Company – JDC Marketing Explained

October last year I launched my freelance consultancy company - JDC Marketing. Just recently, our website had a makeover and is now sporting a brand new look. 

The main difference? I'm now putting my face to it. What was previously a relatively unbranded company has now come closely under my wing and clearly seen now as my baby. Not only that but we have had a brand re-focus where we are less about in-person consultancy and more about providing valuable free resources for any small business owners who visit the site.

I wanted to take the opportunity to properly introduce you to my company, because it's a a relatively big chapter of my life at the moment and will only increasingly become more important to me. I feel like I've left you in the dark a little about what the company does and what it's all about so here we are - introducing JDC Marketing 2.0.

I'm all about...making the life easier of a small business owner. 

*all pictures in this post are clickable to relevant resources.

The website acts as a platform where I can...

1. Share all the latest marketing knowledge I know from my constantly growing experience in the field, what I teach when I tutor the University subject 'Social Media Mangement' and what I have learned through completing my own Masters in Creating Advertising.
2. Share free resources and activities that small business owners can read and work on to help grow their business. I not only explain a concept but back it up with a do at home activity that provides the small business owner with an answer, solution, strategy or new method for doing things.

This company and the website platform is my way of sharing my knowledge to positively benefit small business owners or individuals trying to build brands. I love how I can practically apply the strategies and techniques I have spend a decade learning and refining. The best part is sharing the information that can often be confusing or hard to access and explaining it in an easy to understand bite-sized manner. You will find a plethora of useful resources on the website that I have made simple to comprehend and activities that let you tangibly put into action what you have learnt.

On top of all that and despite the core mission being to offer accessible, free resources for small business owners - I am available to work with one-on-one. There is nothing more exciting to me than jumping on with a new brand or small business. I get a thrill in identifying all the amazing areas of the social media, communications or marketing that can be easily improved but have an immediate and dramatic result. 

This project feels like the right next step after a decade in the industry as a social media influencer, marketing manager, master of creative advertising and now teacher in social media management. Marketing and small business is something that I am fiercely passionate about lights me up. I just know that it's something I enjoy and would do regardless of the money.

So that's JDC Marketing in a nutshell! Sorry for holding out on you for what is coming up to a year after its initial launch. It has already grown and adapted in so many way but it's latest conception is one that feels more aligned with my personal values than ever before.

This is a website full of resources for you if you are; a creative advertising student, interested in the topic of marketing, a social media influencer looking to sharpen your skills, a small business owner looking to grow your business or a start-up brand hustling through the social media landscape.

Enjoy the free resources and activities because I have so much fun making and sharing them with you!

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