Monday, September 17, 2018

My Brunette Haircare Routine + 18in1 Review

So I've been busy adapting to the demands of my newly brunette locks. Gone are the purple shampoos and in their place are colour protecting treatments. 

This post is all about sharing with you my current hair care routine to keeps my locks shiny, strong and vibrant in colour.

I've got some really cool products to show you so let's get into it!

There is also a sale currently on the 18in1 range so I would highly recommend grabbing them while the prices are lowered and you can use code JORDY10 for an extra 10% off! SHOP HERE.

Detox Shampoo ($19.96)
Detox Conditioner ($19.96)
Detox Treatment ($20.03)
Nourishing Moisturising Creme ($18.69)
Nourishing Shampoo ($26.73)
Nourishing Conditioner ($13.33)

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